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Your Nottingham Photographer -Capturing Life’s Beautiful Chapters

With every shutter click, I’m stitching the tapestry of life’s fleeting moments, turning the laughter and love of Nottingham’s families into timeless tales to cherish.

Hey, I'm Marta​

Your friendly neighbourhood Nottingham photographer. With a camera in hand and a heart full of passion, I’m here to turn your everyday moments into a gallery of stunning, timeless memories. Whether you’re an expecting mom, a couple in love, a vibrant family, or a woman celebrating her journey, I’m here to tell your unique story through my lens.

My passion for photography started when I became a mother myself. I realised how important it is to capture those precious moments that you never want to forget. From there, my love for family photography grew, and I decided to turn my passion into a business. Now, I’m dedicated to helping families create beautiful memories that they can cherish for years to come.

Our experience of an outdoor photoshoot with Marta has been amazing from start to finish. Her support in preparing for the session in terms of location and clothing etc was fantastic and she was extremely thoughtful regarding planning the timing of the session to accommodate young children’s nap times! We felt immediately at ease when we met Marta (as did our children) and we relaxed into the photo shoot despite non of us particularly being lovers of having our photographs taken! She was fantastic with the children and a warm and responsive professional throughout. We are truly delighted with the photographs and will treasure them. Marta seems to have an amazing ability to really capture a moment in time and the real soul of a person in her photographs as well as relationships with one another as a family. Thank you Marta, we are so pleased with our photographs.

Eastwood, Nottingham

The Heart of Our Photographic Adventures

Nestled in the charming town of Eastwood, my studio is more than just a space for photography. It’s a creative haven where your stories come to life. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the East Midlands, we have access to some of the most picturesque outdoor locations, perfect for capturing your special moments against breathtaking backdrops.

A Photography Style as Unique as You: Studio, Outdoor, Lifestyle

Every story is different, and so is every photoshoot. Fancy a cosy studio session? You got it. Dreaming of an outdoor adventure as your backdrop? Let’s make it happen. Or how about capturing the essence of your life right at home? I’m all in. With sessions ranging from posed elegance to candid photography, I tailor each experience to suit your story, be it a family portrait, a professional headshot, or a newborn session.



Lifestyle in Home

Your Family's Story in Beautiful Photos

Capturing the Essence of Togetherness

Family is where life begins and love never ends. From the chaotic breakfasts to the quiet moments before bedtime, let’s capture the essence of your family life. With my expertise in family photography sessions, I’ll help you preserve these wonderful memories in beautiful family photographs that you’ll cherish forever.

What kind of photoshoot are you looking for?

pregnancy photoshoot posing ideas


Pregnancy is truly an amazing time in a woman’s life and it should be celebrated! To help you document this special time, I offer outdoor and studio maternity photography in Nottingham.


Children's photography allows you to capture unique moments of life. Children's sessions evoke smile and enthusiasm at all times among parents, grandparents and extended family.


A family photoshoot is about emotions, relationships, love. During the sessions, I takes portraits of children, but also shots shared with parents, which are the greatest family memento.


Fine Art Portrait

Fine Art Portrait Photoshoot is a painterly look photography style.
Session can take place in any location in Nottingham,Derbyshire
or in my photo studio based in Eastwood.


It's a great way to capture beauty and save time for years to come. A woman photoshoot is an experience that will make you feel special, and you will create a wonderful souvenir that you can hang on the wall.

couple photography gift voucher


Would you like to capture the feeling you have for your loved ones? A photo session for couples is a great opportunity to capture your emotions and create a souvenir for the rest of your life.

Joyful newlyweds laughing with horses in a pastoral Nottingham setting, embodying rustic couple photography.

Cherishing Life's Chapters

Pre- and Post-Wedding Photoshoots

Your love story deserves its own chapter. While I don’t cover wedding days, I specialise in capturing the intimate, beautiful moments before and after. Think of pre- and post-wedding photoshoots that frame your love in a relaxed, personal setting, creating memories that you’ll look back on with a smile.

Your love story is unique and beautiful. Dreaming of photos that celebrate your relationship? Let’s plan your perfect photoshoot!

The service I and my now Fiancé recieved was outstanding. I had been planning my proposal for 8 months and Marta was supportive throughout the whole process. If you live outside Nottingham like I do, don't let that deture you. The professional service Marta provides makes it worth your while. There was not one time we felt rushed or under pressure. I can't recommend Marta enough and her portfolio speaks for it self. No request or suggest was too big or small.She also has a good eye for locations. I will definitely be recommending Marta to friends and family. The amount of positive feedback we have received from our photos is endless.

Maternity Photography

Celebrating the Miracle of Life

There’s nothing quite like the journey to motherhood, and capturing this special time is one of my passions. My maternity photography sessions are designed to celebrate and immortalise the beauty and strength of expecting moms. In the comfort of my studio or the beauty of the East Midlands outdoors, I create a relaxed, nurturing environment to capture this incredible chapter in your life.

Capturing Your Journey

From Newborns to the Golden Years

Life is a beautiful journey, and every stage is worth capturing. From the tender moments of a newborn session to the proud smiles of a family gathering, I’m here to document every chapter. Let’s celebrate your life’s journey together, creating precious moments and fantastic photographs at every step.

Let’s Make Magic Together

Your Dream Photoshoot Awaits

Ready to capture the magic of your life? Whether it’s a family photoshoot, a newborn session, or a personal branding adventure, I’m just a contact link away. Let’s turn those candid moments and beautiful days into photographs that tell your story, one beautiful image at a time.

Your Story, Told Through My Camera

Capturing Every Detail

Every photo session with me is an opportunity to celebrate your journey. From baby photography that captures the innocence of new life to detailed shots that showcase your business professional side, I’m here to capture the essence of every moment – the awkward, the candid, and the fabulous.

Maternity photography with natural light
Smiling newborn baby cradled in dad's hands during a Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot.

Celebrating Every Moment

Your Life in Pictures

Life is a collection of moments, and I’m here to capture each one. From the first-time experiences to the everyday joys, let’s freeze these precious times into fantastic photographs. Whether it’s an epic family shot, a candid moment, or a professional headshot, each photo is a piece of your story.

From First Click to Lasting Memories

A Journey of Beautiful Images

Join me on a photography adventure that’s about more than just photos – it’s about creating beautiful memories. From the initial contact through the booking process to the final reveal of your finished photos, every step is an experience in itself, filled with laughter, connection, and, of course, fantastic photos.

portrait of Nottingham photographer at Shipley Country Park among blooming daffodils

A Fusion of Fashion and Photography

Showcasing Your Unique Style

Step into the spotlight with a fashion photography session designed to celebrate your individuality. Whether it’s for personal branding or just for fun, let’s create contemporary family images, stunning portraits, and compelling images that truly reflect who you are.

Beyond the Lens: For Families, Businesses, and Everyone in Between

From capturing the genuine laughter of a family reunion to crafting the perfect image for your business brand, my photography services are as diverse as your needs. I offer everything from candid family sessions and fabulous dog photo shoots to professional branding photos and commercial photography services.

Businesswoman in a lifestyle setting during a branding photoshoot for a business coach.

Elevating Your Business and Personal Brand: Professional Photography Services

A serene harpist in a flowing blue gown sits by a woodland stream, her instrument beside her, enveloped by the lush greenery of a Nottingham forest.

In today’s dynamic world, a powerful image is key. Combining commercial and corporate photography, I aim to bring your brand’s story to life. Whether it’s through professional headshots that exude confidence or creative business images that capture the essence of your brand, my goal is to create authentic and compelling images that resonate with your audience and elevate your presence in the market.

Embrace the Joy of Now

Let’s freeze time together with photos that speak to your heart. Eager to see your world through my lens? Just hit the contact link, and we’ll bring your story to life!

"A photo session with Marta is a time of relaxation, smile and adventure. The end result is photos that are alive and each of them spins their own story of love, happiness, respect and friendship. I highly recommend and thank Marta for a professional, smile and passion for photography that she shares with the world."​
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