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I want to create a great souvenir for you.




Photoshoot for couples

How to capture joy and love in the eyes of lovers for longer? Thanks to joint photos we can keep feelings and emotions for many years. Professional couple photography or engagement sessions are gaining more and more popularity. 

There is no better way to create unforgettable memories, to conjure up amazing memorabilia and magical portraits that you can share with your loved ones.

Collect moments, not things

"A photography is the pause button of life"

Couple Photography Session- Why I need it?

Actually, why do such a session? After all, phones are bursting with the excess of shared selfies, and these are also souvenir photos.

However, it is couple photography made by a professional photographer that will capture in a special way the precious and delicate moments that reflect the love in the relationship. Photos from such a session are the most beautiful souvenir and gift for future generations. The bride and groom can additionally use professional photographs as a gift for parents, personalized wedding invitations with a photo, a wedding slide show or decoration of the wedding hall.

Couple Photography Photo session as a gift

Giving a photo session is a great idea for a gift for yourself or for a friendly couple 🙂 Taking part in the photoshoot is also great fun and the opportunity to spend time with a loved one in a really interesting way. The photos taken during sessions for couples bring back beautiful memories and are a common souvenir for many years. Handing a gift photo shoot is a good idea on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, birthday or a joint anniversary. If you would like to keep the feeling that connects you in portraits, or maybe you, man, would like to give your girlfriend a real surprise – a gift session for a couple photography is a ready, perfect gift.

Couples Photography Photoshoot - How to prepare?

The couple photography photoshoot can take place in my photo studio in Nottingham or outdoors. Every photographer knows some beautiful places, but you can always give me your own ideas. Sessions in the city, in the forest, in the meadow, and in the mountains are very romantic. A couple sessions in the studio can be crazier thanks to the possibility of using props that are difficult to take outdoors.

couple photography in a garden, Nottingham

A positive attitude

It is very important to take care of the right clothes, hairstyle and make-up. A positive attitude is even more important – stress, and bad mood will be visible in the photos.

Look for inspiration

Look for inspiration on the web – you can focus on minimalism and show only you and your feelings in the pictures, or take care of additional props. For example, balloons, blankets, soap bubbles, and attributes that symbolize a hobby (guitar, ukulele, etc.) are popular.

couple wearing jeans and white t-shirt during couple photoshoot

Usefull guides for Couples

I decided to prepare a guides for couples on how to make a studio session or an outdoor photoshoot and have fun at the same time. 

Backstage from Anniversary Photoshoot at Mother Cap in Peak Districkt

If you are wondering how the photoshoot looks or you are worried that it will be an awkward experience for you. 

Then have a look at this backstage video. It will show you how the whole experience usually looks. See how I create and capture frames and how my clients feel during a session. Watch till the end to see all those funny moments. 

Outdoor Couple Photography

Studio Couple Photography

Are you ready to capture your feelings in photos? Feel free to contact me, and together we will take care of the best souvenirs for years.
professional couple photoshoot in studio, white theme

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