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Beautiful Spring Outdoor Maternity photography in Nottingham

Spring Maternity outdoor Photoshoot

As a maternity photographer, I always look forward to this moment. When the first warm gusts of wind comes. First single days when you can throw your heavy winter jackets off. The first flowers appear on the trees!

Do you like that time of the year? Are you waiting for it too? 

Amazing spring backdrops for maternity photography

Blooming trees are an amazing backdrop for a maternity photography session in Nottingham. Therefore it’s a pity that it’s such a short time of the year. The spring, April pregnancy photoshoot is the perfect start to this year’s outdoor photo meetings.

An outdoor pregnancy session is one of my favorite forms of writing a diary with your memories.

Pregnancy is a special time

Pregnancy for a woman is a special time and every expectant mother looks beautiful and exceptional then. A pregnancy session is a kind of souvenir that allows you to keep this passing time in the frame.

maternity outdoor photography in nottingham and derby

Studio and outdoor maternity photography

I offer a session with the baby belly both in the studio and outdoors. Moreover, I have many beautiful dresses for Maternity photography in Nottingham and I am sure that every girl will find something for herself.

Why do you need maternity photoshoot

I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get any professional photos taken when I was pregnant with my babies. Over the years we’ve had plenty of family portraits done and I really cherish all ours beautiful moments in time.

Therefore if you are thinking about a similar family or pregnancy photoshoot, then please contact me – trees fade very quickly, and this is a really magical time and we can create something beautiful together.

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