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Hey there, lovely moms-to-be! I’m thrilled to be your guide on this incredible journey to motherhood. As a mother of three boys, I understand the precious moments and emotions that come with pregnancy. Today, I want to talk to you about something close to my heart – outdoor maternity photography.

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. It’s a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and wonder. Capturing these emotions and the beauty of your baby bump is what maternity photography is all about. And what better way to do it than amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors?

Embracing the Beauty of Your Bump with Maternity Photography Shoots

Let’s address some common concerns and questions you might have about outdoor maternity sessions:

A radiant pregnant woman in a flowing dress stands amidst a forest blanketed in white flowers, her happiness as palpable as the spring around her.

Clothing Worries - Client Wardrobe

You might be wondering, “What should I wear for my outdoor maternity session?” Well, you can choose from our Client Closet filled with beautiful maternity gowns and dresses. I’ll ensure you feel comfortable and stunning.

Dress Choices - Designer Maternity Dresses

Feel free to express your personal style. Whether you prefer flowy and romantic or more classic and elegant dresses, I’ve got you covered.

An expectant couple shares an intimate moment in a lush Nottingham garden, with the mother-to-be in a stunning black gown.
A beautiful family portrait in an autumnal setting, with the expectant mother in a white lace gown, lovingly surrounded by her daughter, son, and partner.

Changing Concerns

I’ve got a plan! I always check each location before every photoshoot to make sure everything will be perfect. Plus, you’ll have a private space to change if needed. I will bring a changing tent for you. 

Partner Participation in outdoor maternity photography

If your partner isn’t keen on being in photos, don’t worry. I’ll make them feel comfortable, and their presence will add a special touch to your maternity images.

A couple shares a romantic kiss in a secluded Nottingham grove, celebrating their future together in a maternity photoshoot.

Posing Worries:

Feeling awkward in front of the camera is completely normal, and I completely understand how you might have concerns about posing. I’m here to put your mind at ease.

During our outdoor maternity photography session, I’ll be right there to guide you every step of the way. We won’t just rely on vague instructions; instead, I’ll help you with posing by showing you inspirational photos as a starting point. Together, we’ll explore different poses that suit your style and preferences.

The key to make you feel at ease

The key is to make you feel at ease, and when you’re relaxed and comfortable, your genuine personality and connection will shine through. There’s no need to worry about awkward moments or feeling self-conscious because everything will be thoughtfully planned and tailored to your unique needs.

So, rest assured, I’ve got your back, and we’ll create natural photos that beautifully capture your true essence. It’s all about making this experience enjoyable and stress-free for you, resulting in stunning images that you’ll cherish forever.

Location Selection - outdoor maternity photography

Whether you have a specific spot in mind or need suggestions, I’ll find the perfect outdoor location to enhance the emotional aspect of your photos.

A man kneels in loving reverence before his partner in a lush garden, his forehead tenderly touching her belly, clad in a sweeping burgundy maternity dress, as they share a moment of quiet joy and expectation.
An expectant mother in a floral dress stands beside a vibrant shrub of purple flowers, her hand gently resting on her belly.
A couple in a tender embrace stands before Elvaston Castle, the expectant mother in a flowing emerald gown and her partner with a hand over hers on her baby bump, symbolizing shared love and the promise of new life.
A joyous couple stands amidst a bluebell forest in Nottingham, the expectant mother in a flowing peach gown, lovingly cradled by her partner.

Weather Worries

If Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, we’ll reschedule or explore indoor options to ensure your photos turn out beautifully.

Time of Day and Lighting

I’ll schedule your session during the “golden hours” when natural light is soft and flattering, ensuring your photos have that warm, dreamy quality.

A couple enjoys a tender moment on the steps of a grand historic mansion at sunset, with the expectant mother in a stunning red gown that flows elegantly down the stairs.

Props and Accessories

Feel free to bring personal items or props that hold sentimental value – they’ll add a unique touch to your photos.

An expectant couple stands amidst a lush green backdrop, holding the first images of their unborn child, anticipation and love in their eyes.

Capturing Precious Moments and Timeless Memories

The magic of outdoor maternity photography lies in capturing your journey to motherhood as authentically as possible. I focus on the emotions, the love, and the excitement that you and your partner share.

Joyful couple during a spring maternity photoshoot, with the expectant mother in a vibrant orange dress.

The Power of Emotion

These photos aren’t just images; they’re a time capsule of this incredible time in your life. They’ll take you back to the beauty of your pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting your little one.

Post-Session Care

My editing process is handled with care to maintain the emotional feel of the photos. Your input and preferences are always valued.

A pregnant woman in a flowing white gown leans against a tree in a serene forest, her elegant pose and thoughtful expression in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Remember, this maternity photo session isn’t just about pictures; it’s about creating a memorable experience. During travel to the location, consider playing your favourite happy songs to set the mood.

Embracing Every Stage of Your Pregnancy Journey

From the first few weeks of pregnancy when the excitement is building, to that magical week scan where you get to see your baby’s tiny fingers and toes, every moment is worth cherishing. Maternity photoshoots capture these special moments beautifully.

The Professional Touch

As a professional maternity photographer, I have the experience and expertise to create stunning images that will leave you in awe. Maternity photography is more than just a photo shoot; it’s an art, and I’m here to ensure you get the best.

A radiant expectant couple stands embraced in an idyllic natural setting, with the mother-to-be in a white lace gown and floral headpiece symbolizing the purity and fullness of maternity.
A radiant pregnant woman in a burgundy dress stands amidst a sea of white flowers, her tiara sparkling as she looks up with hopeful anticipation.

Outdoor maternity photo shoots perfectly capture the beauty of pregnancy. Surrounded by nature, you can truly connect with your emotions and the world around you. The beauty of pregnancy becomes an integral part of your photographs.

Maternity Photography Session

The beauty of your journey to motherhood deserves to be celebrated and preserved. Trust in the process, and together, I’ll create stunning photos that will forever remind you of the love and anticipation you felt during this magical time.

Ideal Location, Precious Time, and Priceless Memories

Outdoor Maternity Photography is All About Capturing the Essence of Your Journey to Motherhood.

So, are you ready to embark on this adventure with me? Let’s capture the beauty of your pregnancy and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get in touch, and let’s make your outdoor maternity session a beautiful and emotional experience. You’re in safe and caring hands, just like your little one will be soon.

With love and excitement,
Marta, your Nottingham Family Photographer