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Before we dive into the details of your photoshoot, I would like to share a little bit about myself.

Family Photographer based in Nottingham

Welcome to Nottingham Family Photographer, where the magic of family moments comes to life through the lens. I’m Marta Szulc, and I believe that every moment is worth capturing in a pure, magical, and unique way – just like scenes from a heartwarming Hallmark movie.

Eyes filled with stories, a Nottingham photographer peers through the lens, ready to capture life's unwritten moments.

Heart-Centred Photography

What sets my photography style apart is that I don’t follow trends. I follow my heart. I believe in creating beautiful memories and capturing them in a fine art, almost magical way. It’s not just about photos, it’s about emotions and the stories they tell.

Where I work



In your Home

My wife and I had an excellent experience with Marta for our Maternity Shoot, flawless experience start to finish. Really appreciated her direction and expertise on the day, which is clearly shown on our final photos. We will definitely be using her services for our Newborn Shoot and potential future family photos. 5 Stars!!!!!

Jacob Matthews

Fine Art Portrait of a Nottingham Family Photographer in Red Dress at Peak District

A Journey of Learning and Growth

My journey as a photographer has been filled with learning, growth, and recognition. I’ve received formal education from the Children’s Academy of Photography and Children’s Photography University. Additionally, I’ve honed my skills under the guidance of renowned photographers like Sue Bryce and through workshops focusing on maternity, studio lighting, family, and couple photography.

Embracing Real Emotions

I’m passionate about capturing the authentic emotions that define family bonds. The love in parents’ eyes for their children, the joyous laughter of a child being tickled by their mother, the tender moments as a family comes together—these are the elements I cherish and freeze in time through my lens.

Preserving Precious Moments: Nottingham Family Photographer

A Journey from Motherhood to Photography

Nottingham Family Photographer - Capturing Cherished Moments

Becoming a mother opened my eyes to the beauty of life’s fleeting moments. I was inspired to capture these moments in a way that felt pure, magical, and uniquely personal—like scenes from a heartwarming story. The inspiration for my photography style came from the enchanting world of Hallmark movies, where every frame tells a tale of an idyllic family life. This vision drove me to embark on my photography journey.

As a mom of three boys, I understand the importance of patience and how to work with kids to get the best out of them during a photoshoot. Whether you’re looking for outdoor family photography or a more traditional studio session, I have the expertise and creativity to make your vision a reality. I believe that every family is unique, and I strive to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that allows your family’s personality to shine through.

genuine moments

As a specialist in portraits, I take pride in creating stunning images that reflect your unique family dynamic. My style is a blend of fine art and magic, creating timeless portraits that you will cherish for years to come. My goal is to create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for you and your family, so that we can capture genuine moments that reflect your personalities and relationships.

An Experience to Remember

For me, a photography session is not just about the final images; it’s about creating a memorable experience. I aim to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, ensuring that every moment is enjoyable.

Fine art children portrait, Lifestyle family children photography in Nottingham

Don’t just take my word for it—here’s what some of my clients have to say


“Our experience was unforgettable, as I jointly had a maternity shoot and a family photos. Marta ensured that everything was in order the day before the shooting by visiting the location where we would be shooting.
It made me feel very good, and my partner and children in particular had a fantastic and enjoyable day. Marta is an excellent professional at her job. She is also extremely patient and kind. This was our first time photographing, but if the Almighty wills, it will not be our last.
My children could not stop discussing the experience… Marta also brought some items for the children to enjoy. I strongly recommend her.”


“I am delighted to provide an excellent review for the remarkable work of this professional photographer. Her talent and dedication truly shone throughout the entire experience. From the moment we engaged with her, her professionalism and attention to detail were evident. Martha skilfully captured the essence of our event, beautifully preserving every cherished moment. Her artistic vision and technical expertise resulted in breathtaking photographs that exceeded our expectations. Moreover, her friendly demeanor and ability to put everyone at ease made the entire process enjoyable. We are immensely grateful for her exceptional work and highly recommend her for any photography needs.

My family and I will definitely work with you again.
Thank you Martha.”


“The service I and my now Fiancé recieved was outstanding. I had been planning my proposal for 8 months and Marta was supportive throughout the whole process. If you live outside Nottingham like I do, don’t let that deture you. The professional service Marta provides makes it worth your while. There was not one time we felt rushed or under pressure. I can’t recommend Marta enough and her portfolio speaks for it self. No request or suggest was too big or small.She also has a good eye for locations.

I will definitely be recommending Marta to friends and family. The amount of positive feedback we have received from our photos is endless.”

Award-Winning Photography

I’m proud to have my work recognised in esteemed publications. My photo graced the pages of National Geographic in 2018, a testament to the power of everyday moments. I’ve also been featured in Italian Vogue and various magazines. In 2020, I was honoured with the Bronze Award in The Portrait Masters Image Awards.


Gear and Editing Style

To craft these breathtaking portraits, I use top-of-the-line equipment, including Nikon D810 and Nikon Z7II cameras, and a selection of high-quality lenses. In-studio, I rely on professional lighting equipment from brands like Bowens and Neewer. My editing style is best described as fine art, capturing the essence of the moment while adding a timeless touch.

A Vision for the Future

My goal is to create not just photographs but amazing experiences for your families. I want you to have the best memories from your photoshoots, ones that you’ll be excited to share with friends and that will make them envious of your experience.

In the future, I envision my photography studio as a cosy yet high-end space, where you’ll feel at home in a professional setting, surrounded by quality lighting and backdrops.

Thank you for considering Nottingham Family Photographer to capture your special moments. I can’t wait to create magic with you and your loved ones.


If you’re looking for a Nottingham Family Photographer who is passionate about capturing memories that you will treasure for years to come, I would be honoured to work with you. Contact me today to schedule your next photoshoot and let’s create some magic together.