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Capturing Timeless Memories

Your Go-To Nottingham and Derby Dog Photographer

Ah, capturing those perfect portraits of our furry friends, isn’t it just something else? I mean, think about it – those candid snaps of our pets are more than just photos; they’re windows to moments that tug at our heartstrings. Here in Nottingham and Derby, where I’ve been dubbed the go-to Nottingham dog photographer, the love for professional pet photography is blooming, and for good reason!

Understanding the Emotional Bond

There’s something special about the bond we share with our pets, right? It’s like they’re part of the family, and capturing that essence is something only a professional photographer can nail. We’re talking about freezing those precious moments, making every photography session a walk down memory lane.

Joyful senior couple sharing a tender moment with their beloved Border Collie in a lush Nottingham garden, embodying the warmth of family and the expertise of a Nottingham dog photographer.

Why Choose a Professional Dog Photographer?

Here’s the scoop – anyone can snap a pic on their phone, but to really capture your pet’s sparkle? That takes a pro. It’s not just about a photo session; it’s about creating a rewarding experience for both you and your pet. We’re talking studio shoots, outdoor sessions, and everything in between to catch that special moment in all its glory.

A fluffy Cockapoo puppy sits elegantly on a white fur rug, its gaze soft and inviting, in a minimalist Nottingham dog photography studio setting.
A young boy kneels beside his joyful grey poodle in the lush greenery of a Nottingham park, showcasing the bond of friendship and love in a natural portrait session.
A child's joyful laughter fills a cluttered playroom as two cats add to the chaos, one leaping down while another lounges above on a shelf.

Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Pet

Picking the right snapper for your furry buddy means finding someone who gets it – the quirks, the personality, all of it. It’s why folks in Nottingham and Derby trust me. Whether it’s a studio shoot or an outdoor shoot, we’re all about creating a relaxed atmosphere that lets your pet’s personality shine.

My Photography Style

My style? It’s all about letting your pet’s true colours show. Whether we’re out in the park or chilling in my friendly studio, the goal is to snap those quality photos that you’ll look back on and smile. From adult dogs to guinea pigs, every click of the camera is a chance to capture something beautiful.

Two adorable guinea pigs nestled under a Christmas tree, their eyes sparkling with the festive lights that bring the holiday spirit to life.

Preparing for Your Pet's Photoshoot

Getting ready for a photo shoot is part of the fun. I’ll guide you through the whole process, from picking the choice of location to making sure your pet feels like a superstar. It’s all about ensuring a fun, stress-free experience that ends with beautiful portraits.

A mother and child share a serene moment with their white dog amidst the heather-covered hills, showcasing the natural beauty around Nottingham captured by a skilled dog photographer.

Pain Points Addressed

Worried your furball won’t sit still? Stressing about the weather for an outdoor shoot? I’ve got it covered. With years of experience and a bag full of tricks, every photo session is designed to be enjoyable and easy for your pet.

A charming grey poodle stands proudly amidst the autumnal hues of a Nottingham forest, epitomizing the beauty of outdoor dog photography.

Location Ideas for Pet Photography in Nottingham and Derby

Nottingham and Derby are brimming with gorgeous spots for pet portraits. Whether you’re after that beautiful imageamidst nature or something more urban, I know just the place. Outdoor dog photography? That’s my jam. Derbyshire Pet Photography has never looked so good.


Creating Lasting Memories with Dog Portraits

There’s something timeless about a perfect portrait of your pet. It’s a piece of art that captures their spirit. And let’s not forget about those print-quality digital images – they’re like holding a piece of your heart in your hands.

A heartwarming family moment as a smiling woman and two boys cuddle with their black poodle in a golden field, epitomizing family pet photography in Nottingham.

What to Do With Your Pet's Photographs

Once we’ve captured those amazing dog photography shots, the sky’s the limit. From family pet portraits to custom products, there are endless ways to celebrate your pet’s personality. And for my animal lovers out there, why not turn those shots into gifts? Beautiful animal portraiture makes for a heartfelt present.

Enjoy the moment, let them be memories
that will be pleasant to come back to.


My Happy Clients!

I got in touch with Marta just a few days before the shoot. I am so impressed and appreciated her proactive communication and and the organisation! This is my first time doing a family shoot so I was very worrying if I couldn't arrange this properly. But Marta is very helpful and gives me lots of ideas prior the shooting day. She is very opened mind to listen what we want and give us here valuable opinions because sometimes there may be some variances (i.e. weather, location condition...) so cannot do exactly the same as the photos. I need to give her a big tick about her preparation with customer! On the shooting day, again she was very helpful and looked after us because we had a lot of stuff to carry with. She knew the location so well and all the spots were so beautiful. The kids were very shy in front of camera but she could make them comfortable with a big natural smile 🙂 In addition, she really knew how to take photos with my little dog because one of the photo is absolutely beautiful!!!! I just cannot put in words how great Marta is. She is beyond a professional photographer. Her customer relationship is truly at professional level too. We were super lucky to have her as our photographer 😀 If I can give more than 5 stars then I will definitely do!
A woman in a vibrant pink coat lovingly cradles her white Shih Tzu in a field of green, sharing a moment of connection and love.

Client Testimonials

Hearing from happy clients is what keeps me going. Those stories of amazing experiences and beautiful portraits that now adorn their homes? It’s why I do what I do. It’s not just about the photos; it’s about the memories, the feelings, and the smiles they bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? I’ve got answers. From what to expect during a portrait session to how we plan those creative shots, I’m here to make sure you’re in the loop and excited about your photography session.

Two young girls share a tender moment with their fluffy white dog, hugging and kissing him on a white fur rug, exuding affection and joy.
A curious Cockapoo puppy peers out from a natural woven basket, adding a touch of innocence to the craft of dog photography in Nottingham.

Booking Your Pet's Photoshoot

Ready to make some memories? Getting started is easy. A chat, a coffee, and we’re on our way to planning the perfect image capture of your canine friends or any companion animal you share your life with. It’s all about creating a bespoke experience tailored just for you.

The Value of Pet Photography

Pet photography is more than just taking pictures. It’s about capturing those precious moments that speak a thousand words. It’s a journey, an amazing experience, and at the end of it, you’re left with something truly special. Here in Nottingham and Derby, I’m all about giving you and your pets that bespoke experience – one that’s filled with laughter, love, and, of course, stunning photographs.

A graceful tabby cat moves with quiet confidence across a sunlit bed, the morning light casting a halo around its sleek figure.
A heartwarming family moment on a lazy afternoon, with a loyal German Shepherd sharing the warmth of a sunlit room with a loving couple and their two young children in Nottingham.
Couple with their dog enjoying a relaxing moment on a picnic blanket in Nottingham's verdant garden.