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Celebrating New Beginnings

Captivating Moments in Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Capturing the first fleeting moments of your baby’s life is more than a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of love, family, and new beginnings. In the warmth of your home, every click and snapshot in our lifestyle newborn photography session tells a part of your unique story. From the tender embrace in your master bedroom bathed in natural light to the playful interactions with family pets, these are the moments that define the heart and soul of your family.

Safeguarding Precious Moments:

Prioritising Safety in Newborn Sessions

Each newborn lifestyle photography session within your home is enveloped in a cocoon of safety. My meticulous preparation and gentle approach ensure that your baby‘s well-being is always the priority. Sanitising equipment and utilising the soft, natural light in your master bedroom, I create a secure and serene environment, perfect for capturing these precious, fleeting moments.

The essence of lifestyle newborn photography lies in capturing the warmth of everyday moments with soft, natural light. By utilising the gentle illumination of window light in your home, I craft a serene ambience, ensuring your newborn photos radiate with calmness and authenticity.

New parents and their content newborn are joined by a joyful family dog on a cosy bed, encapsulating a perfect lifestyle newborn photography scene.
Newborn baby cradled securely by mother's and father's hands on a fluffy white background, gazing curiously in a lifestyle newborn photograph.

Timing Is Everything

Capturing the Newborn Glow

Selecting the ideal time for your session is crucial. Within 1-2 weeks after birth is perfect for capturing those peaceful, candid family portraits. Together, we’ll find the best time of day, ensuring plenty of natural light and a content, happy baby.

Your family‘s story is unique, and your photoshoot should reflect this. From including beloved family pets to capturing special interactions, each session is tailored to showcase your family‘s love and bond, whether through a cuddle in your bedroom or playful moments in the living room.

Natural and Unposed: The Baby-Led Approach

In the comfort of your home, a baby-led approach means capturing natural, spontaneous moments. Every tiny detail, from baby wrinkles to spontaneous smiles, celebrate your baby‘s personality in its truest form.


At-Home Comfort: The appeal of Lifestyle Photography

Your home is where your story unfolds. From the master bedroom to the living room, every corner becomes the perfect backdrop for heartfelt moments. This setting not only brings comfort but also adds a personal touch to your newborn’s photos.

natura newborn photography breastfeeding
mom and baby photoshoot at home

Health and Harmony: Ensuring a Safe Environment

Prioritising your baby's health, I adhere to all safety protocols, ensuring a clean and minimalistic approach to your newborn lifestyle session. This dedication ensures a harmonious and safe environment for capturing these beautiful moments.

Realising Your Dream Photoshoot

Your vision is crucial in shaping our collaboration. From discussing the colour palette to understanding your style preferences, our pre-session chats ensure that your newborn lifestyle session truly reflects the essence of your family.

Indoor breastfeeding photography showcasing a peaceful moment as a mother tenderly feeds her baby, with soft natural light and stylish decor.


Polishing Precious Memories

In post-production, I delicately enhance each photo, preserving the natural beauty and emotion captured. This process ensures your photos remain authentic, showcasing the real, raw beauty of your family.

New parents share a moment of serenity with their sleeping newborn, enveloped in a warm embrace against a backdrop of lush greenery in a lifestyle newborn photography setting.
A radiant mother with a gentle smile holds her newborn close, their bond captured in a soft, natural light setting of lifestyle newborn photography.
baby photoshoot at home
best Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography in home Derby

Capturing the Unseen: Celebrating Everyday Life

In your home, I look for those unnoticed moments – the tender interactions and everyday occurrences that truly define your family’s story. These unscripted, candid shots not only add depth to your story but also celebrate the beauty of everyday life.

Newborn Photoshoot

Definition and Purpose of Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle newborn photography is all about documenting your family’s heartfelt moments within your home. This style captures genuine interactions and unscripted moments, creating a narrative of your life during this special time.

Grandmother cradling her grandchild in a wicker chair, sharing a joyous laugh in a sunlit room, captured in lifestyle newborn photography
Black and white image of a newborn's tiny feet cradled in a parent's hands, showcasing the delicate nature of life in lifestyle newborn photography.

Preparing for a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Preparation is all about comfort. Choose outfits that reflect your style and consider tidying the spaces we’ll use. Remember, natural light is our best friend, and we’ll use it to capture beautiful, genuine moments.


Natural Lifestyle Newborn Photography in home

Choosing a photographer who understands your family’s story is essential. Look for someone with a portfolio that resonates with your vision, and whose artistic style aligns with the candid, emotional images you desire.

Selecting the Ideal Time of Day for the Shoot

The best time for your session depends on your baby’s routine and the natural light in your home. Morning daylight hours are typically ideal, offering soft, diffused light to capture your baby’s best moments.

Newborn baby peacefully sleeping, holding her parents' hands during a heartwarming Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot by Nottingham Family Photographer

Incorporating the Master Bedroom as a Setting

Your master bedroom often becomes a central setting in these photoshoots. It’s a space of personal and intimate moments, perfect for capturing the closeness of your family.

Including your fur babies adds warmth and personality to your photos. Their interactions with your newborn are precious moments that contribute to the narrative of your family’s life.

A joyful family portrait with a newborn cradled in the mother's arms, flanked by two attentive dogs, symbolizing a complete family in lifestyle newborn photography.
A touching black and white photo of new parents and baby by an affordable Nottingham family photographer in Eastwood.

Tips for a Successful Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Remember, it’s all about being real and relaxed. Don’t worry about perfection; it’s the natural, baby-led moments and the real-life backdrop that make these photos special.

Heartfelt father and newborn interaction taken by a skilled Eastwood family photographer in Nottingham.

Allowing Plenty of Time for Feeding and Diaper Changes

These sessions are unhurried, allowing plenty of time for feedings and diaper changes. These moments often become the most cherished images, capturing care and connection.

Father holding his newborn baby with a loving smile, as the infant stretches in comfort, captured in a lifestyle newborn photography moment.

Encouraging Parents to Relax and Be Themselves

Lastly, just be yourselves. Your comfort and authenticity bring life to these photos, capturing genuine expressions of love and parenthood.

Often, the concern is not having enough space for a photoshoot, especially in a cosy bedroom apartment or a smaller house. However, this is where lifestyle newborn photography truly shines. Tight spaces can create the most intimate and beautiful scenes and beautiful lifestyle newborn photography. It’s about making the most of your unique environment, capturing the warmth and love that fills your home, regardless of its size

The multigenerational family moment with a grandmother, parents, and newborn baby in a cosy, lifestyle newborn photography session at home.

The Importance of a Colour Palette in Lifestyle Photos

The colour palette of your home subtly sets the tone for your photos. Whether it’s the soft neutrals of your living room or the pastel hues in the baby’s nursery, these colours add a serene backdrop to your newborn photos. Every home has its unique character, and I aim to bring out that personality in each photo, celebrating your family’s individual style.

Grandmother cradling her grandchild in a wicker chair, sharing a joyous laugh in a sunlit room, captured in lifestyle newborn photography
Mother adoringly watches over her sleeping newborn, a tender moment of maternal love captured in a lifestyle newborn photography session.
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newborn photo shoot at home

My happy clients

Marta surpassed all our expectations, not only is she superb in her craft, she is also the most wonderful person to invite into your space. She has a wonderful way of getting the kids & you comfortable during the photography experience & the entire process was wonderful fun from start to finish! We are so so pleased with our photos & will cherish these valuable memories captured for our family. Thankyou Marta, we can not recommend you enough & can not wait to have you back to capture us as our family grows! X
Maureen Baber
Marta is very friendly and professional. She captures the best moments. The photos are real and not staged. I would highly recommend her and I'm sure we will book another session in the future.
Malgorzata Szymańska
We got in contact with Marta and she gave us all the details. On the day and during the photo shoot, Marta made us feel comfortable throughout. When the photos were developed, the quality was just spectacular and we couldn't have ask for more. We appreciate the quality and price we paid.
Craig Tailor

Including Older Siblings in the Session

The addition of older siblings to your newborn’s photoshoot brings an element of playfulness and connection. Capturing these natural interactions, be it a gentle kiss on the forehead or a curious gaze, creates a fuller picture of your expanding family. These moments of sibling bonding are precious and portray the growing love and dynamics within your home.

A newborn baby lies next to a soft plush bunny, their curious eyes exploring the world, in a lifestyle newborn photography session.

The Role of Baby Blankets and Keepsakes

Incorporating meaningful items like baby blankets, heirlooms, or a favourite toy adds a layer of sentimentality to your photos. These items are not just props; they are pieces of your family’s story, offering comfort to your baby and serving as cherished keepsakes for years to come.

Feeding and Comfort Breaks During the Session

Feeding times and comfort breaks are not just necessities; they are opportunities to capture tender moments. Whether it’s the peaceful scene of breastfeeding or the loving care during diaper changes, these are the everyday moments that reflect the real experience of parenthood.

The Candid Magic of Breastfeeding Images

For many mothers, breastfeeding is not just a routine; it’s a profound bonding experience. Capturing these moments with respect and artistry can result in profoundly beautiful and emotive images. These shots are less about the act of feeding and more about the connection, the quiet conversations, and the unspoken bond being formed.

lifestyle breastfeeding portraits

Navigating Fussy Moments with Patience

Life with a newborn is unpredictable, and fussy moments are perfectly natural. I approach these times with patience and understanding, recognising that these moments often present opportunities for the most authentic and touching photos. It’s about embracing the entire spectrum of newborn life and capturing its beauty in all forms.

Ensuring a Relaxing Experience for the Entire Family

Creating a relaxed environment for your family is key. My approach is baby-led and incredibly relaxed, ensuring that the entire family, including pets and older siblings, can enjoy the experience. This relaxed atmosphere allows for natural, unforced moments to unfold, capturing your family’s story as it is, filled with love and honesty.

Joyful family with two children and a loyal German Shepherd dog enjoying a playful moment on the living room floor, encapsulating the essence of lifestyle newborn photography.

Capturing the Uniqueness of Your Newborn

Every newborn is a unique individual, and capturing their little quirks and expressions is what makes each session special. From the peaceful slumber to the bright-eyed curiosity, each photo aims to capture the essence of what makes your baby unique. These are not just photos of newborns; they are a celebration of your newborn’s individuality, marking the beginning of their life story.

Your Story, Beautifully Told- lifestyle newborn photoshoot

Lifestyle newborn photography is more than a service; it’s a privilege. It’s about capturing the essence of your family during this incredibly special time. It’s about preserving the everyday moments, the unscripted interactions, and the heartfelt connections. These photos are more than images; they are memories crafted with love, destined to be cherished for a lifetime. As a photographer, I am honoured to be a part of this journey with you, capturing the beginning chapters of your newborn’s life story.

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