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Ultimate Outdoor Family Photoshoot Guide For My Clients

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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: How My Outdoor Family Photoshoot Session Captured Your True Essence

Eyes filled with stories, a Nottingham photographer peers through the lens, ready to capture life's unwritten moments.

Hello, I’m Marta Szulc, your friend and guide in the enchanting world of outdoor family photoshoot. There’s something magical about capturing the everyday moments that, years later, become a treasure trove of beautiful memories. Today, let’s delve into how these ordinary moments can transform into extraordinary memories through the lens of a family photoshoot.

A young boy with bright eyes and a joyful smile launches a toy plane into the open skies during an outdoor family photoshoot in Nottingham.
Family gazes lovingly at their reflection in a puddle during an outdoor photoshoot, with Nottingham's nature as the perfect backdrop.
A young girl's laughter lights up the frame as she swings in a hammock during a Nottingham family photography session.
A Nottingham family shelters under a striped hammock, their closeness echoing the warmth of the surrounding countryside.

My Happy Clients!

Marta is a very professional and skilled photographer. We had 4 photoshoots (mother&daughter, family, cake smash, Xmas photoshoot) with her so far and we are extremely happy with the quality of the photos and whole experience as she does it with passion. Marta has lots of amazing ideas and she is great with kids.
A tender moment in Nottingham's countryside captured during a family photography session as a mother lovingly looks at her child holding wildflowers.
Kinga Szulz

Outdoor family photoshoots are more than just opportunities to wear matching outfits and smile at the camera. They are adventures in stunning locations, from the lush greens of country parks in the East Midlands to the comfort of your cosy backyard. These sessions capture the beautiful dynamic of your family, reflecting each unique personality and the special bond you share.

Imagine your family, not just posed, but playing, laughing, and maybe even getting a bit muddy. These are the beautiful images that tell your family’s story, ones that you’ll return to year after year.

A mother’s embrace engulfs her laughing child in a moment of pure bliss, set against the picturesque backdrop of a Nottingham outdoor family photoshoot.

To make the most of our time together, choosing the perfect location and time is crucial. Whether it’s the golden hour of early morning in a stunning park or a late afternoon by a gentle stream, I’m here to find the best settings that will make your family feel comfortable and excited. Remember, the best photos often come from kids simply being kids!

Laughter fills the air as two children run freely with joy, while parents playfully swing their little one in a hammock during a family photoshoot in Nottingham.
A Nottingham family shares a walk full of joy, as a father carries his child on his shoulders and another laughs alongside, with their family photographer capturing every step.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Family's Adventure

Deciding on the location is all about finding a place that resonates with your family’s spirit. Are you an adventurer at heart, or do you prefer something more laid-back? Perhaps a playful session at a nearby creek where the kids can splash around, or a quiet woodland area where your family can explore the natural surroundings. It’s about creating amazing memories in stunning locations.

The Best Time for outdoor family photoshoot

Timing can make all the difference. For outdoor sessions, we aim for the soft, diffused light of early morning or late afternoon. This beautiful light not only enhances the natural beauty of the setting but also complements the natural photos we aim to capture. For families with little ones, we’ll coordinate around nap times to ensure everyone is happy and energetic.

Capturing the Heart of Your Family: What to Expect

A family photoshoot with me isn’t just a session; it’s a heartwarming experience. Whether it’s capturing tender moments with your newborn during a maternity photography session or the entire family laughing under a tree, each photograph aims to tell part of your beautiful family story.

Before the session, I love to chat and really get to know what makes your family tick. This isn’t just about snapping pictures—it’s about creating a space where you can truly be yourselves.

3 Tips for a Memorable Family Photo Session

A family runs through a Nottingham field in the twilight, joyfully connected in a spontaneous race against the backdrop of a setting sun.

1. Just Have Fun!

Let go of any stress about outfits or poses. What truly matters is the joy and connection you share. Whether it’s tickling games or a quiet cuddle, these candid moments often make for the most heartfelt images.

2. Follow Your Child’s Lead

After getting those key shots, let’s let the kids lead the way. Whether it’s exploring, playing, or just being silly, these spontaneous moments capture the essence of your family’s spirit and create the most natural and engaging photos.

A little girl in a wide-brimmed hat gleefully holds her mother's hand during a stroll through the verdant fields of Nottingham, in an outdoor family photoshoot.

3. What to Wear? Keep It Simple

Coordinate without matching too exactly. Think of complementary colours and simple patterns. Comfort is key, especially shoes, as we’ll be moving around exploring and capturing your family adventure.

Why Choosing a Professional Nottingham Family Photographer Matters

As an award-winning family photographer, I am dedicated to not just taking photos but crafting stunning images that capture the essence of your family. It’s about more than pictures—it’s about an experience that adds to the fabric of your family history.

A father and his young son share a playful moment with a toy airplane in the golden fields of Nottingham, under a painted sunset sky.
A family walks hand-in-hand down a sun-kissed path in Nottingham, laughter and love accompanying their steps.
In a Nottingham meadow, a family shares a playful moment blowing bubbles, surrounded by the warmth of nature.

Creating Beautiful Family Portraits That Tell Your Story

After our session, the excitement of choosing the best images begins. These photographs will be more than just prints; they’ll be windows back to the moments you cherished, ready to be relived and enjoyed through beautiful displays in your home.

A tender moment as a mother and daughter share a quiet embrace within the whispering wheat of Nottingham.
A couple walks through a lush meadow in Nottingham, sharing glances and smiles that tell stories of love.
Mother's tender embrace around her child in a Nottingham meadow, under a sunlit sky, captures the essence of family photography.
A heartfelt moment of a protective mother with her children during an outdoor photoshoot in Nottingham's lush landscape.

How to Display Your Family Portraits to Create a Warm Home Atmosphere

Displaying your family portraits should reflect the uniqueness of your family. Whether it’s a classic framed portrait over the mantle or a modern art-style canvas in your living room, these images will add warmth and personality to your home, reminding you of those beautiful family moments every day.

A young explorer with a magnifying glass brings the natural world into focus, as an insightful Nottingham family photographer captures this framed moment of discovery.

Photography Packages Tailored to Your Needs

Our photography packages are designed to fit your needs and budget, ensuring that you get the most out of your family photography experience. From selecting the right package to displaying your beautiful collection, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to Capture the Magic?

If this talk of beautiful light, stunning locations, and memorable experiences have you inspired, reach out! Let’s plan your family’s next adventure together. Just pop over to the contact form, say hello, and we can start planning your perfect family photography session!

A young boy with bright eyes and a joyful smile launches a toy plane into the open skies during an outdoor family photoshoot in Nottingham.

Imagine the photos you will give to your children. Little souvenirs of your love then and now

I can’t wait to meet your family and take unique photos that help to help to tell your family’s story. Check out more images in the Blog section. If you think you may be interested in booking a session, please say hello on the contact form and we can chat!