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These Photos Evoke Emotions. Great Fun And A Unique Experience.

Beautiful Fall Family Outdoor Photography At Colliers Wood

I invite you to have a look

An outdoor photography session at Colliers Wood in Moorgreen

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Today I decided to take you for a family session outdoors.

And it was on one autumn day that I went with my lovely sisters, Emara and Sia, and their parents for the photo shoot at Colliers Wood in Eastwood 🙂 . I invite you to have a look and I hope you will get a little warmer on this cold day. An outdoor photography session at Colliers Wood in Moorgreen can be extraordinary both in spring and autumn. In fact, every season is perfect at this unique location in Eastwood. (But I’ll tell you about it in other blogs).

Wonderful colours of nature, beautifully maintained recreational areas, majestic swans and your positive emotions are a guarantee of exceptional shots.

I will make unique outdoor photography shoots for you and your loved ones, in which you will see joy, love and unique details.

Natural shots while playing, running, with flowing hair.

During our session, Sia came up with the idea of ​​looking for a dinosaur egg in the tall grass and the call of wild wolves that appeared in the bushes. We had to look funny sounding like wolves, drawing the glances of the walkers and their dogs responded to us. These are really unique souvenirs and memories that you will come back to very often. And when the children grow up, you will tell them about the crazy games that accompanied us during the family outdoor photography session.

A family outdoor photography reflects your lifestyle.

Each photo tells a different story. A family outdoor photography reflects your lifestyle – these photos evoke emotions and smile on your faces.

The magic of your everyday closeness

Little feet that you love to cuddle … The smell of her hair, a unique and so disarming laugh … The magic of your everyday closeness, thanks to which you feel full of happiness …


My Happy Clients!

Hi Marta, I have just opened the video and the photos they are amazing
I love them , the way how you edited them - Perfect !!!
Thank you very much and I really appreciate your good job
I love your photos, all my friends asked where did you do this photos!
Elisabeta Kuka

A family outdoor photography is a special time.

Show me this joy, and in return you will receive a set of photos that you will see with a smile on your face and emotion that squeezes tears. A family session is a special time.

Beautiful photos are created, but that's not all. The moments that count here ... the fleeting ones that we can keep forever.

Family outdoor - will dispel your doubts and tell you what and how.

A family outdoor session is really great fun and a unique experience, from which you will have a lot of memories in the form of photos. I am here to make you feel comfortable during the meeting and to inspire you with new family ideas of games.

My experience allows me to believe that what for me is the norm for you does not necessarily have to be it. Get ready for crazy ideas. And because I am a friendly person and easily builds relationships, we will certainly be able to quickly establish an understanding so that the meeting goes naturally.

The session usually lasts one hour and a half, but this is a certain convention. We do not tighten up with time frames, after all, it is about getting to know each other and having a good time and catching beautiful family moments at the same time.

What to wear for Family Photography session

You also often wonder how to dress for sessions. I’m already rushing to help. Choose something in solid colours that will make you look consistent. Apart from the colours, however, the most important thing is that you feel good and comfortable in what you wear. If you still don’t know how to prepare for a photo session, check out the blog …… where I have prepared a handful of tips and lots of inspiration for you.

We will discuss the place of our family outdoor photography session together, I want to see if you have any of your favourite places where you go. I know a lot of interesting, natural spaces in Nottingham, Derby and the surrounding area, where we can also go.

Do you need an idea? Excellently! See sessions of other families who trusted me. I am open to suggestions regarding the choice of a place for a session, and I also propose solutions. Get inspired and find something suitable for you and your family!

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