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What to wear for a family photo shoot
to look great in your photos

How to prepare for a photo session?

* 1 How to prepare for a photo shoot?

    * 1.1 Elements that significantly influence the choice of outfit for the photo shoot.

    * 1.2 Location of the photo session

    * 1.3 Weather and season

    * 1.4 The photo style we want to get

    * 1.5 A common color palette and a consistent outfit for everyone

* 2 How to dress for the photo shoot? Valuable tips

    * 2.1 Choose a fitted outfit – not too tight, not too loose

    * 2.2 Avoid crumbling materials

    * 2.3 Introduce an interesting texture to the photo

    * 2.4 Choose clothes that you feel comfortable wearing

    * 2.5 Avoid excessive, bold patterns and text on clothes

    * 2.6 Don’t forget about add-ons and accessories

* 3 photo sessions in a nutshell – how to dress for each of them?

    * 3.1 Children’s session – how to dress a child for a photo session?

    * 3.2 Photo session with the belly, or how should a woman wear for a pregnancy photo session?

    * 3.3 Family photo session – how to dress for such photo session?

    * 3.4 An intimate photo session for two – show your love in a slightly different version!

    * 3.5 Business photo session – how to dress for the photo session to create your professional image?

* 4 Final tweaks and seeking inspiration

photoshoot outfits

Planning- what to wear for a family photo shoot

We already know that an important element is properly selected clothing, which will make the photography well-thought-out, harmonious and coherent. Therefore, it is worth planning it in advance. 

What else?

First of all, when planning a photo session, make sure you have enough time for it. Let it be a quiet day when you do not have a lot of responsibilities to perform, because stress, rush and the accompanying race will definitely not have a positive effect on your photos. 

Make sure you feel good

A photo session is a great opportunity to spend time in a pleasant way, so make sure you feel good too! It is not accidental to say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. After all, you would not like your bad mood to be visible in the photos that you will remember for years.

Elements that significantly influence the choice of outfit for a photo shoot

Are you waiting for a female, business, engagement, wedding or family photo session? Regardless of which photo shoot you’re going to go to, there are some elements to pay attention to when planning your outfit. So, when choosing your outfit, take into account the most important elements that will make this task much easier for you.

Place of the photo session & what to wear for a family photo shoot

There are endless places where a photo session can take place. You are only limited by your imagination. However, if you do decide on a specific location for the photo shoot, make sure that your outfit matches that location. In order for the photos in a given place to be coherent and harmonious, it is worth considering its style as well as the colours.

Improperly matched colours of the outfit to the colour of the place of the photo session can spoil the whole effect of the photos, because showing yourself in yellow or orange shades against the background of the autumn park, instead of making you stand out in the photo, will only make you get lost in this environment and merge with the colours of autumn.

family photoshoot outfits

Outfit harmonizes with the colour of the place

In this case, saturated and expressive colours would be much better. On the other hand, wearing an elegant suit for a family photo session at the seaside will not show lightness that would fit perfectly with the seaside aura. That is why it is so important that our outfit harmonizes with the colour of the place of the photo session and the style it is characterized by.

Weather and season- what to wear for a family photo shoot

It is said that there is never bad weather, there are only badly dressed people. We totally agree with that! So when planning your outfit for a photo shoot, consider the current weather and the time of the year. It is extremely important because neither cold, blue hands nor red, hot cheeks caused by high temperature will look good in photos. Taking care of appropriate clothing for the prevailing weather conditions will allow you to maintain freedom, which is very important during any photo sessions.

The photo style we want to get

You have to answer the question: what style do you want to show in the photos? The most important thing is that you feel natural in your photos all the time. Do you think about a casual style? So make sure you combine comfort with moderate elegance, put on minimalist accents that will highlight a bit of fashion madness. Or maybe it could be a boho, romantic or sports style? The choice is yours and where the session is to be held! Remember, however, that each style is associated with the appropriate selection of outfits and accessories.

A common colour palette and a consistent outfit for everyone

If you have a planned engagement photo session or a family photo session with your partner and children, it is a necessary condition to ensure a common colour palette, which you will follow when choosing your outfits. Let your clothes be consistent not only in terms of colours, but also in terms of the outfit itself. 

Stay consistent!

 If you want to be dressed in casual, casual style during the session, your partner does not need a stylish suit or formal shirt with even the most elegant bow tie. You don’t have to look identical, of course, but… stay consistent!

Too many contrasting colours, styles or different accessories will only introduce unnecessary chaos to your photos.

outfits for photoshoot

what to wear for a family photo shoot? Valuable tips

Probably every person who has a planned photo session asks himself the question: what to wear for a family photo shoot? After all, we want the result of the session to be beautiful, original and one-of-a-kind photographs. In order for this to be the same effect, read a few tips that should definitely be followed when choosing an outfit for a photo session.

Choose a fitted outfit - not too tight, not too loose

This is definitely a golden rule to consider when choosing an outfit for a photo shoot. Too tight clothes will limit our movements, which will deprive us of freedom, and will emphasize all our imperfections of the figure. On the other hand, too loose clothes will make us feel less confident and look shapeless.

Avoid squeezing materials

Avoid easily crumpled materials – so avoid cotton, linen and viscose clothes. These materials are very easy to crease, and it definitely does not look aesthetically pleasing. Any folds in the fabric will be clearly visible in the photos, which will translate into a messy end result.

Introduce an interesting texture to the photo- what to wear for a family photo shoot

During photo sessions, wardrobe items that will bring an interesting texture to the photo will work well. Depending on the style of the session and the season, you can choose woolen sweaters with a thick weave, delicate knitwear, openwork cuts, frills, lace or tulle. Thanks to these types of elements, the whole styling will not be flat and bland. Depending on the elements used, it will take on warmth and coziness or make the silhouette light. Frills and light, airy fabrics additionally show the movement in the photos.

Choose clothes that you feel comfortable wearing

When going for a photo shoot, the best idea is to choose clothes in which you feel confident and comfortable. Let you enjoy appearing in front of the lens. Your confidence in a given styling will bear fruit in the photos.

Avoid excessive, bold patterns and text on clothes

It is worth following the principle: the less the better. Neutral colours of clothes, but with an interesting texture, work better at photo sessions. Why? To expressive, geometric patterns or any inscriptions on clothes will draw attention away from your face and emotions that you want to present in the photo. The most important thing is moderation – if you choose patterns, make sure that there is only one small element on your clothes. Let the rest stay subdued.

Don't forget about add-ons and accessories

Accessories and all accessories play an important role in the photos. They can add character to your photos, providing a great eye-catching accent. There are many ideas – even the smallest detail will make a photo more interesting. It can be jewellery, a rustic hat, a scarf loosely falling on the shoulders, a wreath made of fresh flowers for a woman, a bow tie in a distinctive colour, braces instead of a classic belt or even a book, a cup of warm coffee or an interesting umbrella that will add charm to the photo, not only during rain.

what to wear photoshoot

Photo sessions in a nutshell - what to wear for a family photo shoot?

There are many types of photo sessions. We can capture every beautiful moment in our life in professional photos that will decorate our interiors in a unique way. They will also work great as a gift for loved ones, and most importantly – they will be a stopped moment, full of emotions and feelings, to which we will be able to come back and enjoy it again! However, each session requires proper preparation, carefully selected accessories and costumes. Therefore, I encourage you to familiarise yourself with the various photo sessions that I have in my offer. Find out what to include in each of them.

How to dress a child - what to wear for a family photo shoot?

A photo session for children is not only an amazing experience in front of the lens for the youngest, which will allow them to experience something new. It is also a great souvenir from childhood, to which it is nice to come back after many years.

If you plan to provide such a session for your toddler, the question arises: how to dress the child?

It is true that in children’s photos the most important thing is your child, so the most important role is played by his smile and gaze. First of all, dress your child comfortably – let it be clothes in which they will feel free and comfortable, so that playing in front of the camera will be even more enjoyable. It is also worth making sure that the child is dressed in clothes without prints. Clothes with numerous characters from fairy tales are, of course, irreplaceable, but let’s leave them for less professional shots, because they can effectively distract the toddler in the photo. Since we say “no” to fairy-tale characters, what can we add variety to children’s photography?

Accessories that will add charm and an interesting accent will work great, provided, of course, that there are not too many of them. An interesting idea will be a colourful hairpin or a charming headband in the girl’s hair, and for a boy – coloured suspenders instead of a belt or a gently contrasting bow tie. It can even be a teddy bear, a favourite teddy bear or balloons in pastel shades that will make your child’s photograph an original and beautiful souvenir for many years to come. Give your little ones the opportunity to capture beautiful, childhood moments!

What to wear for a maternity photo session?

what to wear to a family photoshoot

Waiting for the birth of a child is a turning point in the life of every woman. These are the moments of joyful anticipation that are absolutely worth capturing in beautiful, professional photos during a pregnancy session. A maternity session is a lifetime memento for all family members!

When should I book and how to dress?

It is considered that the best time to book a photo shoot is between 6 and 8 months of pregnancy. It is during this period that the woman’s rounded belly is clearly visible, and the expectant mother still feels good. The well-being of a pregnant woman is the basis of a successful photo shoot! The clothes, on the other hand, should above all be comfortable, but not too loose. Dresses specially sewn for maternity sessions are perfect. By booking a maternity session with me, you also have the option of using my studio wardrobe free of charge.

Of course, you can go to the pregnancy photo session with your partner or children. Then you should also take care of the clothes of those accompanying you. A photo session with a belly is a really wonderful idea to capture these beautiful moments.

Family photo session - how to dress for such a photo session?

A family photo session is a fantastic way to spend time together, which will result in beautiful photos that are a wonderful memento for a lifetime. However, when going to such a session, remember to establish a common colour palette in advance, which you will be guided by when choosing an outfit. 

photoshoot outfits

What does this mean in practice?

Obviously, the point is not to make you look identical, but to establish certain colours that work together will enable you to create harmonious photographs. Too many contrasting colours or patterns will effectively spoil all the charm of photos, which you care about after all. Your clothes should fit together. If a woman wears an airy but elegant dress for a session, a plain, stretched T-shirt will not be a good choice for a man or your kids. Remember that you are the most important in the photos! In the case of a family photo session, do not forget about additions or accessories that will additionally decorate the frame.

Business photo session - how to dress for the photo session to create your professional image?

Professional photos are fundamental to creating a successful image in business. They are designed to capture the attention of recipients and present us as professionals in the best light. A business photo session has its own specific character and requires appropriate preparation. So what to wear for a photo shoot to present your professional image? Clothing in subdued colours is the essence. So choose plain and subtle fabric colours, but those in which you feel confident and at ease. Avoid combining too many colours (the less the better) and different fabric patterns.

Give up any patterns and small inscriptions, as they will not look professional. Also be moderate in the selection of accessories and accessories, they should not be expressive. Remember that your face is the most important in business photography – it should attract the attention of the recipients. Follow all the tips, create your professional image and show yourself in an elegant version!

Final fixes and a search for inspiration

With your outfit selected, place all the items on the floor. Try to imagine what you will look like in the photos. Then it will be easier for you to see what is missing, where it is worth adding a characteristic accent or a stronger color. Look for photo inspiration on the web. Thanks to this, it will be easier for you to judge what looks cool in the photos and what does not work at all. And remember, when choosing an outfit and accessories for the session, moderation is the most important thing to achieve a good end result. Additions to the photos are only to be an accent that will diversify the composition. Under no circumstances can they distract from what is most important in the photo – you and your loved ones.

I encourage you to take advantage of my photo sessions, thanks to which you will gain a souvenir for many years to come. I hope that preparing for the session will be a much easier task for you now than before. Remember that the effects of photography largely depend on you. Prepare yourself properly and enjoy the phenomenal shots!