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Recording memories of your little loved ones

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Children’s photography is my passion.

My passion as a children and families lifestyle photographer is capturing the essence of family life and creating beautiful memories. We play, jump, and blow bubbles with the kids during my family photography sessions. 

I believe in creating a relaxed and fun environment in order to capture those priceless moments that you will cherish for years to come

Siblings, grandparents, and parents are all welcome to participate in my family lifestyle photography sessions. Because photos can perfectly depict interpersonal relationships, it is worthwhile to decide to play in front of the camera with the child. 

Recording memories of your little loved ones

Each day of your life holds thousands of little moments that you forget about almost as quickly as they happen.

With the most active children who cannot sit still, I suggest outdoor children’s photography. Nottingham offers a lot of possibilities. We can go to the park or the local forest.

We can take photos in our homes or go outside for a more active experience. Nottingham has many options, and we can go to a park or a nearby forest for an outdoor children’s photography session.

How to prepare a child before the photography session?

It is critical to plan ahead of time for a family photography session. I advise parents to prepare their children for the photo shoot. A well-rested child is necessary for a fun and engaging experience. Furthermore, it is important to explain to the children what a photography session is and why we are going to take photographs. 

Choosing the right outfit is also an important factor.
I provide various accessories and costumes such as wreaths, caps, and hats during the photo shoot, but sometimes well-known, matching items work better. It is advised to bring a few outfits and props that reflect the child’s personality and interests.

Everything will be discussed prior to our meeting to ensure that the session runs smoothly and meets your expectations.

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Allow me to assist you in capturing those priceless moments with a family photograph.

Contact me today to set up a family photography session that you and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.