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Taking care of a special birthday memento.

1st Birthday Photoshoot Outdoor with Cake Smash

1st Birthday Photoshoot with a cake smash.

cake smash portrait outside

I met Xaiya and her parents last summer at a 1st birthday photoshoot at Wollaton Hall Park. The reason was, of course, her first birthday. There was lots of fun together, discovering small flowers in the meadow, hugs with mum, dad and brother, which means a lot of freedom and nice emotions. The backdrop of our meeting was the Hall and its beautiful gardens.


My Happy Clients!

One of the things that I appreciated about Marta was how comfortable she made us all feel right away. We came to the photoshoot quite stiff and not sure on how to carry ourselves accordingly but she quickly reassured us and made us all feel more relaxed and made the session not just taking pretty pictures but a fun and memorable experience. It was a pleasant day full of smiles and laughter and I would definitely recommend Marta if you're looking for professionalism filled with passion.
Rachelle Zefi

Birthday Bash: Creative Birthday Photoshoot Ideas to Celebrate Your Little One

1st birthday photoshoot outdoor or studio

I meet this question very often. Much depends on what style of photos you prefer. If you dream about a natural, spontaneous session with a child, where we are not limited by space or light, definitely go for a First Birthday outdoor photoshoot. By adjusting to the weather and the optimal time of day for your child, you will get beautiful photos full of natural light. 

Family shots are an obligatory stage of each session, apart from photos of the child himself, and photos with siblings. From such frames, we can additionally create a photo album, enlargements, and prints that you will give as a gift to your loved ones.

1st birthday photoshoot portrait

One Year of Joy: 1st Birthday Girl Photoshoot Ideas

In winter, many families ask for a birthday studio Photoshoot. Technically, a studio session is more difficult because when you decide to do this, your little ones must remain motionless for a while. Every parent knows that at this stage of development, movement, and exploring are the favourite activities of every child. Therefore, a birthday photoshoot at home seems to be a better option. The children are at home, they feel safe, there is no need to pose here.

How to prepare for a family or 1st birthday photoshoot?

You must know that the secret of a successful children’s session is a full tummy and a good sleep right before the session – if your child likes to sleep in the car, be sure to give him a nap on the way to the photos! If you add hugs with parents to this, we have a surefire success for you!

first birthday photoshoot

First Year, Forever Memories: First Birthday Photo Ideas to Cherish

family portrait taken during 1st Birthday Photoshoot at Wollaton Hall

Children’s 1st birthday photoshoot in 3 steps!

1. We try to come to the session refreshed and well-rested.

2. If the kids have favourite snacks, take them with you.

Also, remember about water or another drink. Contrary to appearances, an hour’s fun may tire a bit, if not for the children, then for sure the parents! If we arrange a 1st birthday outdoor photoshoot, remember about mosquito spray. In summer, they especially like to tease in the meadow, in the forest and by the water.

3. Clothes should not have inscriptions or flashy graphics - we strive for subdued stylisations.

I do not impose colours, but I am asking for consistency. You can read more about it here. We arrange possible gadgets for the session before the meeting so that everything is colour-coordinated.

1st birthday photoshoot with parents

Picture Perfect: Birthday Photo Ideas to Make Your Memories Last

What is the best way to plan a family photoshoot outdoors? What to pay attention to when planning an outdoor 1st birthday photoshoot?

birthday photoshoot outdoor


One-year-old babies have their daily rhythm, moments when they are bursting with energy and moments when they are tired. I always start from this assumption when planning a session. I arrange photos at the time of the day that is optimal for the child. 

The success of the whole session depends on his good mood. The weather is also the key, if the weather announcements are uncertain, remember that arranging a different date is not an obstacle.

1st birthday photoshoot, portrait with a brother


Some children like to travel in the car, and some have an allergic reaction to it. I usually choose a place for photos outdoors so that you do not have to go very far. Why? Mainly because the place is always only a background, there is no need to waste time and energy on long journeys. 

The place where I organise the 1st Birthday Photoshoot must, above all, be safe and private, so that you have as much freedom as possible. Family sessions outdoors are loved by children – unlimited space and natural light from all sides allows for the very creative work of the photographer without stiff posing.


When taking pictures of children, you need to have a whole list of tricks that will help in taking pictures. Remember that every good child photographer will know at least the basics of child psychology. Such knowledge will prevent from expecting the impossible from your child. 

One-year-old babies are usually constantly on the move, they quickly become distracted, which is completely natural. Sometimes parents wring their hands, thinking that nothing cool has turned out. Only after receiving the photo gallery to choose from, they cannot get over when and how I managed to catch such frames.

HOW LONG 1st Birthday Photoshoot

My sessions with 1-year-olds usually last about an hour, this time is enough to catch a lot of beautiful moments between you. The sessions are usually very intense, we have a lot of fun, and we laugh even more. Younger children often need to take a break.

When your child is one year old, it is worth taking care of a special birthday memento. You don’t need a million balloons or expensive gifts, but your time and presence.

The Great Outdoors: Baby Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas for a Memorable Birthday Shoot

When your child is one year old, it is worth taking care of a special birthday memento. You don't need a million balloons or expensive gifts, but your time and presence.

Let’s focus on family photos, not only of the child. Remember that a family session is a lifetime memento. It will be nice then to come back to the frames where you are TOGETHER – such shots gain special value after many years!

Making Memories: First Birthday Photoshoot Ideas That Will Leave You Smiling

It's great to capture all those moments! I am sure that in 5, 10, 15 years you will come back to them with great fondness.

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