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How to Prepare for the Maternity Photoshoot?

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Expectant couple shares a tender moment in Nottingham's maternity photography session.

In this post, I would like to tell you how to prepare for a maternity photoshoot so that we can create a beautiful souvenir for you for years. Good cooperation between the photographer and the photographed person and great preparation for the session are the pillars that will allow us to take many beautiful shots. I know this may be your first session and I would love you to feel relaxed and relaxed during it.

When to do a maternity photoshoot?

The session is best done between the 6th and 8th month of pregnancy when the tummy is nicely rounded and you feel good. Never wait until the last minute. It’s hard to predict if you’ll feel well enough to pose in front of the camera at the end of your pregnancy. There is also a risk that the baby will decide to be born earlier. Also, remember that the date for a maternity photoshoot should be booked at least one month in advance. If you decide later, I cannot promise that a specific date will be available.

Maternity photography captures confidence with an expectant mother in a patterned black bodysuit, embodying strength and beauty.

My Happy Clients!

I sincerely recommend Marta! Professional service, a session in a warm and intimate atmosphere! Marta is patient and listens to all comments, and believe me, I'm not an easy client;). The photos are beautiful !!!! We are delighted that we have managed to capture this unique moment of pregnancy so wonderfully. Thank you !!!!!
Expectant couple shares a tender moment in Nottingham's maternity photography session.
Joanna Rajpert

Where can we do a maternity photoshoot?

The session can take place outdoors, in my studio (Eastwood) or at your home (lifestyle session). The choice is yours. Consider which frames you like the most, and what style of shots is closest to you and be sure to share these thoughts with me (preferably in an e-mail, so that I do not miss anything). 

How to dress for the session?

You have access to my studio wardrobe during both the outdoor and studio sessions. How does it look in practice? After arranging the session and paying the deposit, you receive a catalogue of available dresses, coats, and bodysuits from me. Later you just choose 🙂

This doesn’t mean you can’t take your clothes with you. On the contrary! If you have your favourite outfits for this special time, of course, take them with you. I can suggest that such universal things that always look good at the session are: a white oversize shirt (steal it from your husband’s wardrobe;)), jeans, dungarees, emphasising the belly of the dress.

If you think about accessories, a wreath (preferably made of fresh flowers or dried flowers) or a hat will work. You can consult me ​​on the choice. Send me photos of clothes and I will be happy to tell you what will look good in the pictures.

Also, remember to bring appropriate underwear.

What kind of underwear choose for the maternity session?

Be sure to prepare three basic sets – white, black and nude. Underwear must match the chosen styling.

Underwear – it is always worth taking a nude, smooth set with you, which will not show through under the clothes. If you dream of photos in lingerie, pack a nice lace set or elegant body. Simple single-colour sets will also work well.

During maternity photoshoot in the studio, you are usually barefoot. If we go outdoors, ballet shoes or white sneakers will be perfect – make sure they match the rest of the outfit.

For example, dungarees will fit both sneakers and ballet shoes, because the whole outfit is rather “relaxed”. You can put ballerinas on a long, airy dress – then you will be comfortable and the whole will look consistent. But if you want a more “cool”, urban look, wear sneakers with the dress. Remember – the session is not about dressing up as someone you are not. You have to feel comfortable and in your style.

Makeup, hairstyle, nails - how to prepare for the session?

I always recommend using the services of professionals. A good make-up artist and hairdresser will emphasise your beauty, and you will feel exceptionally pampered.

Serene maternity elegance in a flowing white dress, captured in a timeless Nottingham photography session.

Advice- Hair and makeup for maternity photoshoot!

However, if you want to prepare yourself, I have a handful of advice for you:

Posing during the pregnancy photo session

I will do everything to make you look and feel beautiful. I will show you the poses in the photos or demonstrate the best body positions. You don’t have to be nervous that you can’t handle it, even if you’ve never had contact with professional photography and modelling. The women you see in my photos most often posed for the photographer for the first time. Do not stress, I will be at your side all the time.

How to dress your husband for the maternity photoshoot?

When choosing your husband’s outfit, make sure that they are without large inscriptions, logos or patterns. The best solutions are t-shirts, a long-sleeved blouse or a shirt in white, ecru or any other muted or pastel colours. The materials that look best in the photos are the natural ones – linen, and cotton. When it comes to trousers, jeans and material trousers will work well.

If you have a problem with choosing an outfit, you can always send me photos of clothes and together we will create 2-3 sets for your man.

Maternity Photoshoot - How to prepare?

In conclusion, first of all, remember to contact your photographer to schedule a suitable pregnancy session. Ideally, it should take place between the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy.

As for the outfit – consult the photographer. Just like me, a large number of people dealing with pregnancy photography have a variety of studio wardrobe at the disposal of their clients. If you prefer to take your clothes – talk to the photographer about what he advises to take. What colours, patterns or styles will best play with the place where you have a pregnancy session.

Footwear is very important. It should be comfortable and match the style of the outfit you will wear to the session.

My advice on costumes – try to avoid motley patterns, large logos, stripes or inscriptions. They attract attention in the photo and distract it from what is most important in the photo 🙂


Makeup and hairstyle. It is also best to talk to the photographer personally on this matter. I am visited by both women with make-up and hairstyles made by their own hands, as well as women who have used the services of a make-up artist or hairdresser. I encourage you to listen to yourself – you surely know what version you feel best 

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