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Professional photoshoot for kids with your local children's photographer

Recording memories of your little loved ones

As well as full family portrait photography, I also offer a photoshoots for kids, recording memories of your little loved ones.

I understand how important your children are, so be sure to seize the moment with a professional child portrait photographer.

child blowing a yellow petal, portrait from Outdoor children Family Photography in Nottingham

Individual approach to children

boy sitting on a rapeseed field listening music, portrait from Outdoor Children Photography in Nottingham

During children’s photoshoot, we play, jump, and make soap bubbles together with the children. Sometimes it is also a bit calmer. It all depends on the place of the meeting, the selected package, but most of all on the child – after all, each is different. Already when arranging sessions, I set a session plan tailored to individual preferences.

I always try to find out what the child likes and what is bothering him. During the session, I take the first photos of the little ones in the company of their parents to ensure their freedom as well as to give them time to get used to the camera and get used to the new situation. I also encourage you to take your favourite toys and stuffed animals.

Photographs for all occasions- professional photo shoot

A children’s session will be perfect for important events: baptism, communion or a child’s birthday, but not only. It can be implemented at any time without any important circumstances. After all, every day in a child’s life is worth remembering.

The finished photograph of the children is a beautiful souvenir. The photos can be put in a photo album and viewed from time to time, as well as hung on the wall and enjoyed every day. Beautifully made portraits can also be a great gift for loved ones.

The organised photoshoot for kids may also be attended by other people – siblings, grandparents or parents. Photos can perfectly illustrate interpersonal relationships, so it is worth deciding to play in front of the camera together with the child.

Where do I run photoshoot for kids?

photoshoot for kids in Nottingham, Derby, East Midlands

I try to organise meetings with the most active children who cannot sit still outdoors. Nottingham gives you plenty of opportunities to create beautiful, colourful and unique shots. We can go to the meadows, to the garden, to the park or to the local forest.

Photoshoot for kids – as well as family photoshoot – are also carried out in my studio based in Nottingham. I have the necessary photographic equipment and lighting on site. The equipment helps to create the best conditions for taking professional photos. I also have a lot of different accessories that will allow you to create unforgettable stylisations straight from your childhood dreams.

How to prepare a child before the session?

As a professional children photographer, I know very well how important the comfort of people in front of the camera is. Before we start the session, it is important to make sure that the children feel at ease and safe. For my part, I guarantee favourable conditions in the room – it is always calm and quiet.

child portrait photography in Nottingham, Derby and Mansfield

children's photo shoot

On the other hand, I encourage parents to prepare their children for the meeting with the camera. First of all, children should be rested so that the long play in front of the camera does not seem too boring. It is also worth explaining to the children what a photo session is and why we are going to take photos.

The appearance of the photographed people is also important. I take various accessories and costumes with me to meet the children (e.g. wreaths, caps, hats), but sometimes well-known, matching things will work better. So you can take with you several variants of outfits and props that will reflect the character of the child and his interests. 

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