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The Heart of a photoshoot for kids

Finding Magic in the Ordinary

The Local Children's Photographer's Touch

Nottingham Family Photographer - Capturing Cherished Moments

As a family photographer and a mom of three lively boys, two of whom have ADHD, I’ve honed an unparalleled skill in turning tantrums into giggles. This personal journey has equipped me to handle all the wonderful unpredictability that comes with photographing children.

Capturing Little Laughs

The Art of Photographing Kids

Curious child in a yellow dress holding a lantern, enchantingly photographed by Nottingham’s affordable photographer.
A close-up of a young boy with piercing blue eyes sharing a comforting moment with his white furry friend, showcasing the pure connection between a child and their dog.
A young girl in a flowing dress sits serenely on a peacock chair, surrounded by the autumn hues of a Nottingham landscape.
Sisters sharing a laugh on a lush green lawn, captured by Nottingham's favorite affordable family photographer.

Moments That Last Forever: My Approach to Photography

Drawing from my experiences as a mother, I have a deep understanding of children's needs and emotions, which I bring into every child photography session. My goal is to freeze those precious moments, creating stunning images that reflect the joy and innocence of childhood.


My Happy Clients!

The experience was excellent. Marta was very professional and very patient as we had kids who didn't want to sit still for long, and she even turned these into natural photo moments. The photo quality is excellent and I highly recommend her services.
Two joyful children, a boy and a girl in coordinating pink outfits, playfully peek through white metal railings on a wooden porch, radiating happiness and sibling love.
Mother's Day gift photoshoot with Nottingham local photographer

Why Natural Light Brings Out Their Best

Natural light photography allows me to capture beautiful images filled with genuine expressions. Whether we’re in your favourite park or a beautiful studio, natural light adds a special touch to your family photos.

Snapping Those Precious, Unscripted Smiles

Capturing natural smiles and genuine laughter is at the heart of my photography session. Whether it’s a playful cake smash session or a relaxed family morning, I aim to capture those amazing memories.

It’s about finding the beauty in the chaos of childhood, a skill I’ve mastered thanks to my own family’s adventures.

Smiling newborn baby cradled in dad's hands during a Newborn Lifestyle Photoshoot.

Outfit Picks That Speak Volumes

Getting Ready: From a Parent to Another

For your family photo shoot session, choosing outfits that reflect your family’s style and the setting is key. It’s about creating a look that’s comfortable yet expressive, just like the personalities in your family.

My Favourite Kid-Friendly Photo Spots

I have a list of favourite locations for family photo sessions that offer the perfect backdrop for your photos. These spots are ideal for capturing those beautiful family moments in a natural and relaxed setting.


Letting Their Little Personalities Shine

In each session, whether it’s newborn photography or child photography sessions, I encourage kids to express themselves, adding a personal touch to every photo.

It’s important to let your children’s personalities shine during our shoot. Whether it’s a cherished toy or a favourite activity, incorporating these personal elements makes each session unique.

The Big Day: More Than Just Photos

How I Bond With Your Little Stars

As a child photographer and a mother, my approach is always rooted in empathy and patience. This connection helps me capture your child’s true essence in the most authentic way.

Family Photo Shoot Guide - Capturing Cherished Moments with Nottingham Family Photographer

Fun and Games: Keeping the Energy High

Making photography sessions enjoyable for children is key. I believe in creating a fun and playful atmosphere that keeps the energy high and the smiles coming.

Turning Tantrums into Giggles: My Secret Sauce

Understanding and patience are my tools for transforming challenging moments into opportunities for capturing real smiles and laughter. My personal experience as a mother, especially with my boys who have ADHD, has given me a unique perspective and approach to working with all children.

The Thrill of Seeing Your Kids Through My Lens

Reliving the Joy: After the Photoshoot

Each photography session with your family is an opportunity to create amazing memories. From beautiful gallery prints to digital images, my goal is to capture the essence of your family’s joy and love.

Choosing Heart-Melting Photos: It's All in the Details

Selecting the best shots is a journey in itself. I help you choose those images that resonate most with your heart, capturing the essence of your child’s spirit.

Memories to Hold: Print or Digital, You Choose

Whether you prefer framed prints or a digital gallery, my service is tailored to your needs. High-resolution images ensure that your memories are preserved in the best quality.

A New Adventure: Taking the Photographer on Your Family Walk

Capture True Family Adventures

Family gazes lovingly at their reflection in a puddle during an outdoor photoshoot, with Nottingham's nature as the perfect backdrop.

Here’s a creative idea for you: take me, your photographer, on a family walk. It’s a unique and fun way to capture real family memories. Imagine a photoshoot that’s more like an adventure, documenting your family’s natural interactions and candid moments as they unfold in real-time. This approach to family photography is all about capturing the essence of your family life in its most genuine form.

Your Local Photographer

More Than Just a Service

As your local photographer, I’m here to document the various stages of your family life, from newborn photography to family portraits. My personal experience as a mother, particularly with my boys who have special needs, has given me the empathy and skill to capture your family’s story with care and understanding.

Toddler girl with a bow in her hair sitting on a blanket, flanked by her doting parents in a sunlit grassy field during a family photoshoot for kids.

Frequently Asked QuestionsYour Questions, My Answers: All About Kid's Photoshoots

The truth is, every age has its unique charm and significance. From the sleepy innocence of newborns to the boundless energy of toddlers and the growing independence of older children, each stage offers something special. Newborn photography is popular for capturing the very beginning of a child’s life, typically within the first 2-3 weeks. However, don’t stress if you’ve missed this window – every age offers its own unique moments worth capturing, whether it’s at 6 months, 1 year, or older.

A photoshoot with me is a blend of fun, comfort, and creativity. I strive to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, where your family can be themselves. We might start with some posed shots to get everyone comfortable in front of the camera, but I also love capturing candid moments. Depending on the type of session – be it a cake smash, a family walk, or a studio session – the experience will vary, but the essence remains the same: capturing your family’s unique story in a natural and beautiful way.

For the first photoshoot, bring along items that are special to your child. This could be a favourite toy, a special blanket, or even a beloved book. These items not only provide comfort to your child but also add a personal touch to the photos. For outdoor shoots, consider bringing a change of clothes, just in case, and any necessary snacks or drinks to keep them happy and energised.

Preparation can vary depending on the type of session. For a baby photography session, make sure your little one is well-rested and fed before the shoot. Comfortable clothing is key, and having a few outfit options can add variety to your photos. For family shoots, coordinating outfits can create a cohesive look without being overly matchy-matchy. Prior to the session, we’ll discuss your vision and any specific ideas you have to ensure the photos reflect your family’s unique personality.

What's Better for Preserving Those Fleeting Moments: Prints or Digital Files?

Both prints and digital files have their place in preserving your memories. Prints offer a tangible way to enjoy your photos every day, whether they’re framed on the wall or compiled in a beautiful album. They’re also great for sharing with family and friends as gifts. Digital files offer flexibility and the convenience of sharing your memories online or through social media. They also ensure you have a backup of these precious moments. Many families choose a combination of both to fully enjoy and preserve their photographs.

While discussing prints versus digital files, it’s important to consider longevity and accessibility. Prints, especially when professionally done, can last for generations, becoming family heirlooms. They offer a classic, timeless quality that digital images can’t quite replicate. On the other hand, digital files provide the ease of storing, duplicating, and sharing your photos globally with friends and family. They also allow for easy reprinting and creating custom items like calendars or photo books.

Ultimately, the choice between prints and digital files may come down to personal preference and lifestyle. Some families prefer the tactile nature and physical presence of prints in their homes, while others appreciate the convenience and versatility of digital files. I often recommend a mix of both to my clients – digital files for ease of sharing and backup, and prints for their enduring and tangible nature.

5 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot

1. Communication is Key

Before the shoot, feel free to discuss your expectations, any specific shots you desire, and any concerns you might have. This helps in planning the session to suit your family’s needs.

2. Timing Matters

For outdoor shoots, the time of day can significantly impact the quality of the photos. Early morning or late afternoon, known as the 'golden hour', often provides beautiful, flattering light.

3. Comfort is Crucial

Especially for kids, being comfortable in their outfits and surroundings will result in more natural and relaxed photos.

4. Be Yourselves

The most beautiful photos often come from unguarded moments. Encourage your family to be themselves, and let their unique personalities shine.

Enjoy the Moment

Try to relax and have fun during the session. Your comfort and enjoyment will shine through in the photos, creating not just beautiful images but also wonderful memories of the day itself.

More Than Just Photos, It's About Love and Laughter

Being your family photographer isn’t just about the photo shoot; it’s about capturing the essence of your family’s special moments in a way that’s genuine and heartfelt. My personal experience as a mom, especially with my unique family dynamics, has equipped me with the patience, understanding, and skill to capture your family’s beautiful, unscripted moments.