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7 Effective Tips

How to Prepare your Child for the Family Photoshoot, to get those great photos.

Guide for parents

The most valuable souvenirs

Pictures from the family photoshoot are undoubtedly one of the most valuable souvenirs. Time flies fast and some situations cannot be repeated. Therefore, it is worth considering a family session for you and your loved ones.

The first meeting of children with a photographer usually involves taking preschool and school photos. Generally, often (but not always) a bit of boredom. 

A family photoshoot has these the advantage is that it can be great, engaging fun combined with comfort and temperament of our children. When all this is done with a little bit of my help polished to perfection (although it is worth noting that in the case of sessions with children it is difficult to rigid scenario) – we can open ourselves to this experience that can bring surprising results.

1. Tell your child what will happen in the family photoshoot.

Your child must be prepared for a family photoshoot. So that they do not feel tense about it (or to minimise this tension) and the compulsion of the expected effect by the parents. A few days before the family photoshoot talk to your child about what will happen, how much time the session will last and why you care about family photos. Present this situation as a fun time and fun for the whole family. You can also promise that after the session it will happen additionally something the child likes to do – some form of reward. Go for their favourite ice cream for example.

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2. Time and place of a family photoshoot - how to approach it

How long the session will last depends primarily on your child’s readiness for its dynamics – that is, changes in setting, arrangement, and sometimes also the place of the session. Everything can go on approx. 1.5 h to even 2 hours.

Choose a place for the session where the child feels good and where he/she can go “outside the plan” for a while. In. In my opinion outdoor is the best solution.

3. Involve your child in the session planning process

Ask: what does your child want to do during the session, and what games or even arrangements are interesting for them and will be fun. Also, ask your child for tips for the photographer – what kind of photo he/she wants to have in which place who has it on. Suggest that the child may have his favourite toys with him.

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Following the child’s instincts in this way can give very good and visually unexpected effects.

The best time for a photoshoot with young children is around 10:00. Choose a time when your baby has the most energy and has eaten the meal. Take with you

his favourite snacks, which may be an argument at a more difficult time of the session.

5. How will the child dress for the family photoshoot?

Dress your child so that it is comfortable for him. What colour selection?- it is worth wearing fairly uniform colours, matching each other, subdued – such as pastels, beige, and natural colours. Classic jeans and bright shirts or t-shirts are still reliable for the session.

 Patterned clothes are not recommended for graphics, inscriptions, or logos. If you have any doubts – ask about the photographer’s outfit, who w based on the concept of the session and its place – it will help you with the choice of clothes.

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My Happy Clients!

We have travelled from London for this maternity/family photoshoot, it was prebooked in due time and well managed by Marta, she's sent us details of the place where the photoshoot would take place and the location was truly magically amazing. Marta was really easy to work with and she knew what she was doing from the get-go. She's taken some incredible pictures which will stay within our memories forever, we're already planning another photoshoot with Marta just purely because she's great at what she does, very friendly, warm and professional attitude towards the shoot even with young kids. Would truly recommend it to anyone worth the drive and money. 😍
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best toys to bring for a family photoshoot

6. A way to pose

What to do to make it natural and “without silly faces”? It requires patience. It is best to give your child first to pose “with the silly face”, which will allow it to become more natural over time.

Pictures are best when we all feel at ease and do what we like.

In addition, family photoshoots are beneficial when we take photos on the move.

The key here is an approach that will minimise the stress on parents and children (the stress before the session concerns practically everyone, and the children read their parents’ emotions). Imagine what the worst can happen? Artificial poses, lack of cooperation on the part of the child? 

Remember that I’m a professional, prepared for various scenarios. I can find myself in such situations. You are not alone in this. It is worth letting go and setting yourself up for a cool one, family time. Then the good results will come by themselves.

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