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Business Photography Or Corporate Headshot

Business photography or corporate headshot - what will be the best choice for me?

When you are considering a professional photo session, you may ask yourself whether it is better to do a corporate headshot or a business portrait. So what’s the difference really?


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Both business and corporate sessions are based on portrait shots that are designed to show who you are and what you do. The goal is to illustrate your image in business, which helps in reaching the customer and creating the right reception for your activities.

You can use them on the website, in social media, in presentations or in other marketing activities. What distinguishes them from each other is their character and the media used.

Corporate photoshoots

Corporate photoshoots are recommended for larger companies and for professions where professionalism and official relations are the most important. They can be both individual and for all team members. They show the professionalism of a given person or company as well as business competencies.

Create the image of an expert

The main purpose of such a session is to create the image of an expert and professional in a given industry. Corporate sessions are usually performed in a photo studio on a uniform background or at the company’s headquarters. Their consistency is important, but at the same time emphasise the characteristics of individual employees.

For corporate sessions, a more formal and classic outfit in muted colours is recommended, in line with the business environment, e.g. shirts and jackets.

Business photography

Business photography is often more casual in form. They are recommended for small businesses and personal brands that want to show their individual character. They can be performed in various places (also outdoors), in colours associated with the brand and in compositions that match its method of communication. In a looser way than corporate sessions, they show the authentic and natural image of the brand and its main message.

Business portraits

When looking at business portraits, the recipient should immediately recognise what type of brand it is, and feel its style and character. Ideally, they should immediately bring to mind the industry that you deal with. 

The main purpose of such a session is to show your authenticity, potential and distinctive features, as well as arouse positive emotions in the recipient. It is important to create an image that will bring you closer to the customer and gain his trust. For such sessions, I recommend a less formal outfit. You can choose what we look good in, what is comfortable, what we meet with our customers on a daily basis and what is somehow associated with the personality of our brand.

Business Photography

When you answer the question of how you want to be seen on the Internet and what brand profile you want to build, the choice between business photography and a corporate headshot will become obvious to you. Think about which customers you want to reach and how to introduce yourself to them.