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The most beautiful Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Elvaston Castle in Derby- a guide for wedding couples.

A guide for wedding couples

How to make an engagement session or a wedding outdoor session and have fun at the same time

outdoor bridal photoshoot

I decided to prepare a guide for wedding couples (or future wedding couples) on how to make an engagement session or an outdoor wedding photoshoot and have fun at the same time. For me, making an outdoor session is a less stressful element, I am more concerned with what to do to make you feel good in front of the camera. Although it is all quite closely related to each other. If I relax you, you will feel at ease. When you feel at ease, I work better.


My Happy Clients!

I got in touch with Marta just a few days before the shoot. I am so impressed and appreciated her proactive communication and and the organisation! This is my first time doing a family shoot so I was very worrying if I couldn't arrange this properly. But Marta is very helpful and gives me lots of ideas prior the shooting day. She is very opened mind to listen what we want and give us here valuable opinions because sometimes there may be some variances (i.e. weather, location condition...) so cannot do exactly the same as the photos. I need to give her a big tick about her preparation with customer! On the shooting day, again she was very helpful and looked after us because we had a lot of stuff to carry with. She knew the location so well and all the spots were so beautiful. The kids were very shy in front of camera but she could make them comfortable with a big natural smile 🙂 In addition, she really knew how to take photos with my little dog because one of the photo is absolutely beautiful!!!! I just cannot put in words how great Marta is. She is beyond a professional photographer. Her customer relationship is truly at professional level too. We were super lucky to have her as our photographer 😀 If I can give more than 5 stars then I will definitely do!
creative wedding outdoor photoshoot
Kelvin NG

How to prepare for the wedding photoshoot or engagement session?

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Each of us is different, we all have a better or worse day. If we are doing a wedding photoshoot on a day when you are melancholy – show it! When you have a goof, good day come out! Be real as you are and how you feel. Don’t hide your emotions, fears or even silly laughter. I can capture even this laugh in pictures! Let me go deep into your mood, intimacy or super humor. Be yourself! I want to see the truth in you, only such photos make sense. Real emotions are welcome


Think we’re friends. Since you are in such a session, it means that we liked each other. So you have nothing to fear. You have to realize that I am here (in session) FOR YOU.

outdoor fall wedding pictures at Elvaston Castle in Derby
pre wedding photoshoot ideas at Elvaston Castle


 I want to create a great souvenir for you. So focus on yourself, the situation, and I’ll do the rest. Never stick to the thought of “what will she think” just give it 100% without worrying about such nonsense!

Wedding Photoshoot outdoors on another day

An outdoor wedding photoshoot on another day has only advantages. We are independent of the weather. We make an appointment, but depending on the weather we can reschedule. It is especially important when your wedding falls on months with a slightly worse weather;) Like September – November or March-April. You should then have a margin of time and choose the weather in which you will feel good to take photos. Penetrating cold and falling rain, although they may turn out interesting in the pictures, can also take away your will to play and the photo session will turn out to be an unpleasant duty.

creative wedding outdoor photoshoot
outdoor wedding photographers


Take only what is necessary to the sessions. Do not take a few bags of clothes, cosmetics or any other items with you. Each item or handbag will limit your mobility, and will also deprive you of the possibility of taking spontaneous photos, when you think that at a given moment I put the camera aside.


On the day of the wedding open air / wedding photoshoot or engagement session, try not to plan too many duties. Spend some time together. It will slowly introduce you to even more intense contact during the session. Relax, lyin

outdoor bridal portraits


Here, the advice is mainly for women. When it comes to hair, loose hair looks best. Thanks to them, we can easily obtain the dynamics of photos. Makeup is, of course, advisable, it would be good if it is professional, but it is not a requirement. The most important thing is to feel good and comfortable.

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outdoor fall wedding pictures with family
bridal photoshoot outdoor with a dog
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