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Mummy and me session -The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

It’s time to exist in photos, mom!

You take millions of photos of your kids, but how will they remember you?

Mummy and me session -The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

I know it can be scary to get in front of the camera, and you probably think you aren't photogenic.

You can never be 100% confident that the timing is right to exist in your family photos.

That “perfect time” will never come because we are hardwired to worry and doubt ourselves.

But be comforted in the fact that every single mum has felt that exact way and you are not alone.

The important thing is to just start.


You are so amazing.

I can feel you doubting that those words are meant for you.

You are probably thinking,

“That’s for other women but I’m not so sure about me.”

Believe it, receive it, it’s true.

This is for you.

Mummy and me session near me in Nottingham

Mummy and Me session

My Mummy and Me session is an ideal way to get time with you and your child (or children) together for some special portraits, and it is perfect as a treat to yourself or as a gift. 

If you don’t do it for you, do it for them

Imagine your child in 10 years time looking through a family album and not finding any photos of you in it.
Now, picture your child looking at a photo of you looking at him/her with a smile on your face and love in your eyes. 
Which situation do you think will make them feel loved and as part of a family?

You don’t have anything to loose

It’s a bit like trying a dress in a shop. Getting a picture taken with you in it doesn’t mean you have to print it on a big canvas, hang it in your living room and look at it every day. Chances are you will actually treasure a portrait showing you holding your tiny baby or playing with your child, but if it’s not the case, don’t buy it / print it.

“Urgh, I hate having my photo taken”

“I’m not really interested in photos of me, just the kids”

Sound familiar?

Mother's Day mini session

Mums, come on!  What are we doing to ourselves? 
I totally get it.  All of us are bombarded with negative messages about how we are overweight, tired looking, we have dull hair, bad nails, dimpled thighs and a whole long list that makes us feel rubbish about ourselves.

Mummy and Me Portraits Nottingham Photographer

So Mums, please, I implore you, stop being so hard on yourself.  Your body is incredible.  Perhaps it grew and fed your child.  Perhaps not, but it comforts your child now.  Your arms hug your child when they fall down and scrape their knee.  Your legs provide a lap to sit on when they are sad. That body of yours is amazing.  Do you look tired?  Maybe.  Heck, probably!  Being a parent is exhausting both mentally and physically.  And did you put on a few pounds?  Maybe, because if you’re anything like me you reach for a chocolate bar before an apple when you’re exhausted.

But, these aren’t good enough reasons to shy away from having your photo taken!  You need to exist in photos!

Your kids

Your kids will want to remember that you jumped in with both feet.  They want to know that you were around, that you were happy and that you were prepared to get in a photo.  One day, many years from now, they may love flipping through old family albums, the way I do.  They may find an old photo that they’ve never seen before and smile at happy memories of family time.  Those photos may sit on their mantelpiece or shelves for years to come to be seen by your future grandchildren. 


My Why of Mummy and Me Session

I want to exist in photographs for my sons and their future.  It’s why I commit to taking more photos .

Nottingham studio Photo session Mummy and Me Photoshoot

So, go, find a picture of you with your kids and marvel at how amazing you look and how wonderful you are. 

Firstly, if you can’t find any of you with your family that aren’t selfies, contact me immediately!!  I’d love to help you remedy this.  Secondly, just get yourself in the photo.  Your future self will thank you and your children will thank you. 

Mummy and Me Session- Outdoor

Mummy and Me Session- Studio