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Are you looking for a Dog Photography in Nottingham with your puppy?

Have you bought a dog and you can’t wait to pick it up from the breeder? Or maybe this little hairy ball is already running around your house and showing who will be in charge. Aw that’s cute.

Nottingham Dog Photoshoot

You look at this fluffy baby and already with the eyes of your imagination you can see all the wonderful memories that are waiting for you. You’ve been dreaming about this moment for a long time, haven’t you?

Dog Photography of your Dreams come true.

Nottingham pet photography, Derby dog photoshoot
Nottingham Lifestyle dog Photoshoot in Home

And now you want to soak up every moment, remember every emotion and inhale this charming puppy smell. You’d like to keep them forever, am I right?

It will be my pleasure to help you save these fleeting moments forever.

Photos have incredible power, viewing them brings back memories that you have long forgotten. And yet you don’t want to forget those tiny paws. And how funny he twists the head when you talk to him. Ah, and those cute yawns.

Your time will run out in a flash and before you know it your best friend won’t smell so sweet anymore.

 Puppies grow rapidly. It is said that even 7 times faster than children. Did you know about this? So don’t wait, call me and I’m already rushing with my camera.

Nottingham outdoor family with dog photoshoot

I will create a time machine for you that will take you to the moment when your story began.

Remember, when deciding on outdoor or studio Dog Photography, you have to wait until the last vaccination. It is important that this experience is safe for him. This is what vets recommend.

If you dream about photos a bit earlier, then a session at your home is the perfect solution. 

It is much easier with adult dogs, if you have just adopted a dog and want a family photo with a new member, I strongly recommend you an outdoor Dog Photography with Family . It is a much less stressful environment and I will be able to capture your madness.

I can already see this smiling face in the grass.

Nottingham dog portrait

Remember, this is not a posed session with a smile stuck to your face. It’s just time together and great fun. Do not be afraid if the photos will come out, they will come out for sure. Trust me and relax.

Enjoy the moment, let them be memories
that will be pleasant to come back to.

The key to a successful session of Dog Photography is preparation. Here are some of my tips to help me capture beautiful photos.

How to prepare for your Dog Photography session:

1. Photoshoot Location

The choice of location is key here. Make decisions based on your dog’s temperament. If your pet does not have all the vaccinations yet, then the only option is a session at your home. This is the safest solution for you. What if your puppy has all his vaccinations? Cool, you can still use the home session option, it will be cozy. Do you prefer photos in the studio? No problem. Or maybe you prefer the idyllic outdoors, filled with the warmth of the sun’s rays, wind in your hair and rolling together in the grass. You choose. Your dog is already several years old and you want to capture your friendship in the portraits from the Dog Photography sessions. It is a bit different with an adult dog. If he is shy and timid, then I propose outdoor sessions, a less stressful environment for him than a studio.

family session with dog in Nottingham

2. Dog grooming, before Dog Photography session

When you invest in photos, you want more than just a snap. I’m right? Therefore, visiting a pet groomer prior to a session is a great idea. Shiny fur, clear eyes and a snout make a huge difference in the photo. 

Nottingham studio dog photography

3. Toys and treats

Take his favorite treats with you, your dog will be more cooperative during the Dog Photography session, and maybe show some tricks that you would like to capture in photos. Don’t forget your favorite toys. This is the best way to get your dog’s attention focused for a few seconds and snap the portrait ready.

4. Walk.

The last but probably the most important tip. Take your dog for a long walk before the session (according to the dog’s age and temperament). We want a happy dog, but a little tired from the walk. He won’t be so excited at the session.

outdoor family dog session

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