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Why is it worth choosing a family session?

Usually, we take pictures of everything that surrounds us .. Whatever we do, first, we have to photograph it. You will say that each of us has a camera on the phone and takes dozens of photos with it a day or a week. But does that make us have more photos together where everyone is supposed to be? You certainly have countless photos of your kids, but not necessarily photos of yourself with the kids, and you were also with them then. So why is it worth choosing a family session? – there are 5 reasons for you:

Family photos are a lifetime memento. The photos are not for me – they are for you. Years later, they will bring back wonderful memories and a smile on your faces. There is no better way to document how your children are growing. Imagine it. We meet at the session at least once a year, resulting in a wonderful story of your children growing up.

Heartfelt portrait of a grandfather with grandchildren, by Nottingham's Affordable Family Photography in Eastwood.

Our experience with Marta was perfect from start to finish. I was very nervous being in front of the camera as I don’t think I am photogenic, but Marta completely understood my concerns and did everything she could to make sure I was happy with the results, She is very friendly and puts you at ease during the shoot, suggesting poses and positions to highlight your best features( and disguise anything you don’t like!).<br>

Her range of props, backdrops and outfits at the studio means you can get lots of very different photos from modern to Victorian styles. She is really encouraging with the children and pets are welcome too! Marta takes a lot of photos and really makes it hard for you to choose which to buy.

She's very passionate about her work and has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to get the very best photos possible. The pictures look fantastic before editing but they become something extraordinary when she has worked her computer magic! They take on an oil-painted quality which would look amazing printed on a large canvas above the fireplace!
Finally, the prints themselves are high quality as is the packaging- the crystal engraved Pendrive is such a special touch. The service was professional from beginning to end and I can certainly recommend Marta for photographs you will treasure.
Claire Eadie

2. Family session - gift idea.

Are you wondering how you can use your photos from the session? It’s simple, you can give them as a gift. Nothing is more touching than a gift given from the bottom of the heart, full of joy and sincere feelings. You can simply develop the photos and frame them, but also put them on a mug with a print, and use them as a canvas painting or a puzzle.

Photos from the session are the perfect gift for your loved ones, grandmothers or grandparents, after all, nothing is as enjoyable as seeing your beloved grandchildren. We can create an album from your photos to which the loved ones can return anytime. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be a gift just for others. A photo session is the best gift for you and your children – see for yourself.

3. Photos from the family session are a unique home decoration.

Another element where photos will come in handy are decorations for your home. What will bring so much warmth and family atmosphere to it, as not your joint photos and shots of adolescents? You only need to frame them and you’re ready – they can decorate a wall in the living room or a chest of drawers.

4. A family session is also fun.

The basis of a successful session is a good atmosphere. Smiles, whispers, chauffeurs, glances, but also moments of silence and focusing one’s attention exclusively on each other, are something that cannot be missed.

5. The photo session is also a moment just for you.

You probably think that we will not be able to find time to take a picture only of you, parents? Admit it, since the children arrived at your home – you don’t remember when you had the last photo together. This is the perfect time to focus on yourself. It’s time to look deep into your eyes, hug each other and lose yourself in it, even for a moment.

The photo session is a kind of detachment from reality, from what surrounds us, from the grey everyday life. When you come to see me for photos, you enter my little world, where you quickly forget about everyday worries, and routines and let yourself be carried away by these special moments.

Book a session and see for yourself that it’s worth it.

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