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It seems like just yesterday you were holding your little angel in your arms in the hospital after they were born.

birthday photography is a wonderful annual tradition

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Every year is a new adventure as your child develops in size, physical characteristics and personality. That’s why birthday photography is a wonderful annual tradition. This keepsake captures your child’s big personality as it evolves each and every year.

Very professional with good knowledge of what she’s doing. Nice and comfortable atmosphere. Highly recommend
Bintou Cisse

Is she really into twirly dresses at 2? Maybe 5 is the year she got glasses but 8 was when she started to really look grown up.

a memento of a cherished year

Annual birthday photography not only gives you something fresh for the frames in your home and office, but each image turns into a memento of a cherished year. It’s fun to look back at each photo and see how your child has grown. Just imagine displaying all 18 on his 18th birthday or at his graduation party!

a variety of props to help enhance photographs

My studio has a variety of props to help enhance photographs.  Of course, you can always bring your own props if you’d like, such as balloons. If your child has a favourite toy, stuffed animal  you’re welcome to bring that with you, too.

As for what to wear, the sky is the limit!

When in doubt, basics in a favourite solid colour always translate well in photography. Best to avoid wild patterns or big logos.  For big kids, accessories like headbands, crowns and hats can be a fun extra. And don’t forget about shoes! For full-body poses, you’ll capture the look from head to toe.

When styling a kiddie shoot,

it’s easy to gravitate toward bright colours, sweet pastels, or even a mix of both, to really bring out a lighthearted vibe. So we never would have guessed that the colour black could do the same. But today’s feature is proving just that!

For this pre-birthday shoot, Fatima wore a beautiful black suit and dress. And this colour scheme was a real step away from the standard birthday session. 

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