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Business Photography Session

A business session is one of the important elements influencing the correct perception of you and your company.

Professional woman in business attire conducting work from a stylish office setup in Nottingham

Business Portraits

A business session is one of the important elements influencing the correct perception of you and your company. It helps in long-term image building and complements well-designed visual identification. 

Regardless of whether you want to create your personal brand, update your LinkedIn profile or refresh photos on your corporate website, what shots you show to others really matter! In this post, I would like to tell you how to prepare for a business session so that we can create the best possible business card for you.

It was a very professional and fun photo shoot with Marta, definitely worth the price and the pictures looked so amazing.
Ijai Ngilari

Good cooperation between the photographer and the photographed person and great preparation for the session are the pillars that will allow us to take many beautiful shots. I know this may be your first session and I would love you to feel confident during it.

Where can we do a business session?

The session can take place outdoors (I work in Nottingham and Derby), in my studio in Eastwood or in your company (lifestyle session). The choice is yours. Think about which frames you like best, and what style of shots is closest to you and be sure to share these thoughts with me (preferably in an e-mail, so that I do not miss anything).

Also, take into account where you will publish your portraits. If it will be a website, will you need photos vertically or horizontally (e.g. on a slider)? Is it to be a close-up of the face or the so-called American frame or the entire silhouette must be visible?

How you would like to be perceived by client

 Also think about how you would like to be perceived by, for example, a potential employer or client. I will also be very grateful if you decide to describe in a few sentences what you do or what position you are applying for. This information will allow me to prepare for our photo session.

When to book an appointment for a business photography session?

It is worth booking a session at least one month in advance. Also, take into account the processing time of the selected shots. At the moment, it is a maximum of 14 business days. 

How to dress for a business photography session?

For the session, it is worth preparing a minimum of two sets of ironed clothes and clean shoes for a change (if you are arranging a session with me in the studio, please make the soles also clean). In studio photos, clothes with subdued colours (grey, white, blue, beige), without strong and small patterns (the shots taken may create the so-called moiré effect, which will not be removed in post-production). 

However, a lot also depends on how you want to be perceived by the people you are addressing your message to. A different style will be prepared by a person who is a graphic designer, and a different one, e.g. a legal advisor. So there are no universal rules that we can apply here.

Visage, hairstyle, nails - how to prepare for the session?

I always recommend using the services of professionals. A good make-up artist and hairdresser is a guarantee of an impeccable appearance. However, if you want to prepare yourself, I have a handful of advice for you.

Advice for women- Makeup

You’ve probably heard many times that “the camera eats makeup” – it’s not a myth. Make-up for a photo session must be stronger than the usual one, – make sure that imperfections are carefully camouflaged, – cheekbones and cupid’s bow above the lips, emphasise with highlighter, let the rest of the face remain matt, – the day before the session, take care of your hands and nails. 

Leave the nails natural or paint them in neutral colours, – take the cosmetics necessary to improve your makeup, a hairbrush, hairpins or hairpins for the session.


This is your first photo session in your life?

Practice posing in front of the mirror, observe how your body and face behave and present themselves. You can consider what poses you look best in. Take a look at my portfolio and analyse the photos in terms of positions and settings. This will make you feel more confident.

I will do everything I can to make you look great during the business photography session.

I will show you the poses in photos or demonstrate the best body positions. You don’t have to be nervous that you can’t handle it, even if you’ve never had contact with professional photography. The people you see in my photos most often posed for the photographer for the first time. Do not stress, I will be at your side all the time.

Do you have any more questions or concerns?

Contact me by e-mail or by phone, I will be happy to help you prepare for the session so that its effects are stunning.

Do you think about a business photography session made by me?

Feel free to write to me. Let’s make an appointment and take great photos for you.