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First Birthday Photoshoot in the studio

A photo session is a great experience – I know it! First Birthday Photoshoot fills you with even more stage fright… You worry if everything will go according to plan, if your toddler will be willing to cooperate and if all assumptions will be met… And then I come in… with my camera…  and a short guide on how to prepare for such a session to avoid unnecessary nervousness.

1. When is the best time to book a First Birthday photoshoot?

It is best to book the date 2-3 months before the baby’s first birthday. You will be sure that we will be able to match the most convenient date for all of us. I encourage you to have your First Birthday session done before your first birthday so that the gallery and prints will be in your possession on your birthday. Of course, this is not an obligation. We can also meet close to the date of birth.

We got in contact with Marta and she gave us all the details. On the day and during the photo shoot, Marta made us feel comfortable throughout. When the photos were developed, the quality was just spectacular and we couldn't have ask for more. We appreciate the quality and price we paid.
Craig Tailor

2. How long does the first birthday photoshoot last?

Duration is between 60 and 90 minutes. I adapt to the rhythm of my model. I do not force poses if I see that the toddler does not want to do them. You don’t have to worry if your child is a bit fussy or reluctant. I give them a moment of time so that the baby can get used to me, I make him laugh. You can rest assured – I’m not looking at my watch, nervously tapping it! The session ends if I decide that I have enough adorable photos.

3. Who provides styling and decorations?

If you have an outfit that you particularly care about and want your child to appear in it – please let me know! I will know how to match the decorations/scenes to make the concept coherent. Similarly, if the baby has a favourite toy.

If you don’t have any clothes – don’t worry! The children’s clothes in my studio are gradually filling up, so write to me and we will plan something together.

4. Snacks for the birthday person

Please take your child’s favourite snacks to the session, even if you are 100% sure that your child has eaten enough before the session. I know from experience that favourite crisps or biscuits can quickly improve your little one’s mood.

5. How long will I wait for photos?

The waiting time for the photo gallery to choose from is up to 2 working days. The waiting time for processed photos is 14 business days from the moment of selection.

6. Whose side is the concept of the session on?

I always interview the client to find out their preferences. I am creating this session for you and your children, so your preferences must be met primarily.

7. What is the price of the First Birthday Photoshoot in the studio?

The final price depends on the number of photos you choose.

8. Do I have to order the cake for the photoshoot myself?

If you have a wish for your toddler to pose with the cake – the safest way is to order it yourself. Children have food allergies and I know from experience that mums feel safer if they choose the cake and the person who will make it.

I really hope that I have dispelled your doubts and answered the most bothering questions! The First Birthday Photoshoot in the studio is a beautiful souvenir!