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Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot for pregnant couple- your baby bump love on photos

Outdoor maternity photoshoot

An outdoor maternity photoshoot is a fantastic souvenir for a woman at a wonderful time, which is undoubtedly the period of pregnancy. For me, photography is my greatest passion, so I try to convey all the beautiful emotions that accompany women waiting for their treasure.

A glowing expectant mother in a whimsical setting, her joy as luminous as the sunlit fabric swirling around her in a Nottingham forest.

When is the best time to do a pregnancy session?

From the perspective of the sessions performed, I can say that the best period is from the sixth to the eighth month of pregnancy, but it all depends on the future mother, her well-being, and whether the tummy is sufficiently visible. Of course, a baby bump photoshoot can take place at any stage of pregnancy, because many women have an earlier belly. However, I know from experience that it is not worth waiting until the last minute and arranging a session at the end of pregnancy.

Every woman tolerates this tip differently – many people will no longer have the strength to pose or feel uncomfortable experiencing the hardships of the eighth or ninth month. It may also turn out that the baby decides to be born a little earlier. This is another argument not to postpone the outdoor maternity photoshoot for pregnant couple until the last month.

Outdoor or studio maternity photoshoot? Which one to choose?

The choice between a studio pregnancy session or an outdoor session is usually an individual matter. I never impose the type of session myself and leave the choice to the future mother. Both types of sessions are fantastic souvenirs and have something magical about them.

Outdoor maternity photoshoot

In the case of an outdoor session, everything depends largely on the weather, as well as the season. While in the spring, summer or even autumn months there should be no problem with making an outdoor session, in winter it is much more difficult to find nice weather.

The last winters were not very snowy, and if it had fallen, it was melting quickly. Low temperatures are also not comfortable for expectant mothers during the session. In such a situation, it is worth opting for a studio session.

Studio maternity photoshoot for pregnant couple

A studio maternity photo shoot has a slightly different character than outdoor sessions. The studio session is a bit more intimate. I prefer a clean and minimalist style without unnecessary decorations, accessories and distractions, because I like to focus all my attention on the future mother, her baby bump, to emphasize the uniqueness of the state that pregnancy undoubtedly is.

Both at the studio and outdoor sessions, partners / husbands are very welcome. Their presence often cheers women up and allows them to create many romantic shots together.

A serene pregnant woman lies in a bed of greenery, her radiant halo headpiece a symbol of the life she's about to bring into the world.

Makeup artist before the maternity photoshoot

I recommend a professional make-up artist who will create a professional photo make-up, emphasizing the female beauty in the photos to all those who decide to take the session.

How are the outdoor maternity photoshoots going?

As I mentioned before, the maternity session can be done outdoors or in the studio. The location of the outdoor photoshoot can be any, suggested by the future mother. I also have several interesting and romantic places where such a session can be performed.

For my part, I provide all kinds of maternity gowns, wreaths, flowers and other kinds of decorations. Future parents can take props in the form of ultrasound photos or shoes with them to the session.

A radiant pregnant woman in a flowing dress stands amidst a forest blanketed in white flowers, her happiness as palpable as the spring around her.

I never limit the baby bump session duration. The photoshoot lasts until I have enough good shots. The expectant mother must feel at ease during the maternity photoshoot, and not glance nervously at the watch.

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot as a gift!

Are you thinking about a gift for your wife who will soon give birth to your greatest treasure in the world? Or maybe you want to make a friend who would be extremely happy with a baby bump photoshoot that will be a souvenir for a lifetime? Such a session is a unique gift that will bring great joy to the recipient. Contact me and ask for a maternity photoshoot as a gift.

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