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The Ultimate Maternity Session Guide

Top 5 tips and tricks you should read before booking your baby bump photoshoot

Choose your style

It is important to make sure that the maternity photographer you choose can take the baby bump photos you want.

Maternity photography captures a couple's loving anticipation in Nottingham, with a vibrant color backdrop.

1. Baby bump photoshoot / Session Style

Talk to a photographer of your choice about your expectations. Discuss with him what style you would like the photos to take. Is it supposed to be a natural session with a partner, a female session in the studio or maybe baby bump photos in an elegant dress outdoors? It is important to make sure that the photographer you choose can take the photos you want. Also, remember that each photographer usually has a specific style and you should be guided by his portfolio when choosing this particular one. 

While you can persuade him for specific frames or colours of photos, if you choose a photographer who only shoots outdoors, and you dream of a studio session (or vice versa), it can be difficult. It’s not just a matter of “I can see you” photographer, but also, for example, in the case of a studio, the issue of the ability to operate studio lamps, as well as additional costs associated with renting a studio.

It's a great idea to create a Pinterest board where you can write down your ideas for a baby bump photoshoot.

It is worth dividing such an array into sections such as:

* staff,
* colours of photos,
* poses,
* outfits.

This is to tell the photographer exactly what your preferences are.


My Happy Clients!

Our experience with Marta has been fantastic, I came across her page after looking at so many photographers in Nottingham area, until I finally reached her page and I felt in love with her photographies, we organised everything before the big day, I was nervous at first as I never had a photography session in a studio before, but she made me and my partner felt super comfortable. She is so friendly and open she made me feel very relaxed and that made us enjoy the morning with her. I and my parents highly recommend her, the quality of her pictures, and the outfits she provides are amazing. We’ll definitely go back once our baby comes.
Radiant couple in Nottingham maternity photography session, celebrating their baby bump with joy.
Fatu Dibba Manka

Before Baby Bump Photoshoot

I have a few maternity dresses in my studio wardrobe, which I offer to the future mother if they match the nature of the session chosen by her.

Before a baby bump photoshoot, I always have a set of questions that I try to discuss with my mums. They concern not only the nature of the session but also whether the future mother wishes to remove stretch marks on her belly or scars or moles.

All this will help to make you happy with the result 

2. Take care of yourself

First of all, rest! Tired mom during the belly session and the result of the session- it is not a good match. Your photos will show your fatigue (dark circles, swollen eyes and facial expressions). This is not something that can be improved during postproduction. Believe me, in such a situation you will not remember this session as a nice experience, but also the photographer may not be able to get the pictures to your satisfaction. There is one more important reason to come refreshed to the baby bump photoshoot.

During our meeting, we do not only create pretty photos that will decorate the walls of your home. We also create memories. Photos have a unique power to evoke memories. For this reason, I place great emphasis on making your session a pleasant experience for this special moment in your life. So that when looking at the photos, they bring back memories.

I always make my models feel comfortable. Therefore, when I see a tired mum-to-be who is hardly standing in front of the camera, I try to shorten the time of the shots or the whole meeting so as not to tire her with unnecessary effort. So please RELAX!

Make yourself a home spa the day before! Take care of your nails and skin. If you wear makeup daily, also put on makeup before your photoshoot. It can be a bit stronger than usual as it is often less visible in photos. Straighten or curl your hair – make it perfect for this day 

Remember that if you feel that you look pretty, it will also give you courage and confidence in front of the camera!

3. Prepare props for your baby bump photoshoot

If you want to take photos with props, plan them in advance. Some mums want to have photos with ultrasound scans, tiny shoes or flowers.

Intimate couple's maternity photography in Nottingham, with a bold red hat as a symbol of love's vitality.

4. Choose the right outfit for your photoshoot

One of the tasks that you should do with your partner is to choose your, and also the child’s (if you have one and the child will participate in the session) clothes.

The most important thing about clothes – Your clothes should match in terms of colour and style. If you decide to wear a long elegant dress, then your man should also wear elegant clothes (I think a smart shirt, matching pants and low shoes should be enough). On the other hand, if you want photos in a meadow full of flowers, you should have an airy dress and your partner should wear light, casual clothes. The colours you choose for yourself and your child do not have to be identical (it is even better if they are not). It is worth choosing a palette of 2-4 matching colours, from which you can build outfits for your family. 

You can find out more about it here. If you need help, ASK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER.
A quick tip: Also remember that very fine checkered or striped patterns may deform in the photo, so it’s better to avoid them.

5. Don't stress

The last, no less important thing than the others – DO NOT STRESS! I know it can be difficult, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in front of the lens. Relax before the session, turn on your favourite music, it will help you feel freer. I think that talking to or meeting your photographer before the shoot will also help you feel more comfortable. The pregnancy session is supposed to be a time for you when you will have a great time and remember it with smiles on your face!

Radiant couple in Nottingham maternity photography session, celebrating their baby bump with joy.

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