Nottingham Family Photographer

Hey there, amazing moms-to-be! Living in the heart of Nottingham or Derby and riding the incredible wave of pregnancy? I totally get how extraordinary this time is for you. As a maternity photographer who absolutely loves what I do, I’m super excited to be your guide on this incredible adventure – crafting a spring maternity photoshoot in Nottingham that’s all about celebrating you and this unbelievably special phase of your life.

Imagine the warm glow of the spring sun, and the delicate flowers in full bloom, creating a perfect backdrop for your maternity shoot. As you step into this beautiful selection of outdoor locations, from the lush Nottingham Forest to the historical grounds of the University of Nottingham, each photo captures not just your beautiful bump but the explosion of spring around you. These are more than just maternity photos; they are memories of your unique story, captured in beautiful images.

Your Perfect Maternity Session

I often get asked, “When is the ideal time for a maternity photoshoot?” My answer: between 32-36 weeks pregnant, when your baby bump is gloriously round, making it the perfect time for a maternity photo session. Whether it’s your first family photo with your baby bump, or a maternity session celebrating the addition to your family life, each click of the camera is a tribute to your journey.

Styling Your Dream Maternity Shoot: A Canvas of Elegance and Comfort

When it comes to styling your dream maternity shoot, it’s not just about looking beautiful – it’s about feeling uniquely you. As a dedicated maternity photographer, I understand the importance of an outfit that not only complements your natural glow but also resonates with your personal style. Imagine yourself in a flowing dress that effortlessly cascades around your baby bump, symbolizing the grace and beauty of motherhood, or maybe you prefer the comfort of maternity pants paired with a delicate top that speaks to your relaxed yet elegant style.

An expectant mother in a floral gown and hat stands amidst a sea of bluebells in a forest.
A stunning mother-to-be in a luxurious ruffled peach gown exudes happiness and elegance during a sophisticated pregnancy photoshoot on a manor's grounds.

But the magic doesn’t end with just the outfit. To enhance your look, I offer a handpicked selection of maternity dresses available for my clients. Ranging from ethereal to classic, each piece in my client catalogue has been chosen with the utmost care to ensure you find something that feels like it was made just for you. Explore this collection at your leisure here:

And there’s more! To add an extra layer of sparkle to your maternity portraits, we have an array of accessories at your disposal. From regal crowns that make you feel like a queen to the subtle shimmer of necklaces, collars, and earrings – each piece is a meaningful addition to celebrate your journey into motherhood. These accessories are not just adornments; they are symbols of the love and anticipation you hold for your little one.

Remember, the goal of your maternity session is to capture the essence of your journey with authenticity and elegance. Whether it’s a garment from my collection or a special piece from your own wardrobe, each choice contributes to a narrative of your unique experience as an expecting mother. Your maternity shoot is a celebration of life, an artistic expression of the incredible journey you are on, and I am here to ensure that every detail, from wardrobe to accessories, perfectly reflects your individual story.


My Happy Clients!

The pictures were really lovely and it was difficult for me to choose.
Vivian (Blaise Onyekwere)

As a family photographer specialising in maternity and newborn sessions, I understand the importance of these moments. From the soft laughter shared between you and your partner to the tender touch on your baby bump, each maternity photo shoot is a chance to capture these fleeting moments. And soon, when your precious newborn arrives, we can continue the story with a newborn shoot, preserving the first chapters of your growing family.

I prioritise your comfort and safety in every session. We’ll find outdoor locations that offer both stunning scenery and ease of access. And for those dreamy maternity pictures, think about complementary colours that enhance the natural setting – a touch of blue to match the sky or the warm tones of the spring flowers.

Your big day is almost here – your maternity photo session! I know you might have a bunch of questions about getting ready. Let me make it super easy for you. First things first, just be you. This day is all about celebrating your unique journey to motherhood.

Not a regular makeup user? No worries at all. Even a touch of natural makeup can work wonders for the camera. It’s true what they say – cameras tend to ‘eat’ makeup, so even if it feels like a bit much, trust me, it’ll look just right in the photos. The idea is to enhance your glow, not change how you look. You’re beautiful just the way you are, and a little makeup is just there to highlight your features.

Let’s talk hair – having clean, well-brushed hair can make a huge difference. Avoid oiling your hair the day before to keep it looking fresh and natural. And it’s always a good idea to bring along a hairbrush and a small mirror. They can be lifesavers for quick touch-ups during the shoot.

Try to steer clear of shimmer or glitter in your makeup. They can reflect light a bit too much, and we want the focus to be on your beautiful self, not the sparkle.

So, there you have it. Simple, right? Just a few small steps to help you look and feel your best. Remember, this session is all about capturing your unique beauty and the incredible journey you’re on. I can’t wait to see you shine!

This isn’t just about taking beautiful photos; it’s about creating a lovely experience for you. I aim to make every maternity photography session relaxing and enjoyable, capturing your gorgeous images while ensuring you feel supported and cherished. Mental health is key during pregnancy, and this experience should be a positive, uplifting part of your journey.

Every mother-to-be has her unique vision and concerns. Whether you’re wondering about the best time for your shoot, concerned about bra straps showing in your maternity outfits, or hoping to include your baby boy in a few shots, I’m here to address every detail. Your maternity photo shoots are personal, a reflection of your hopes, dreams, and the love you hold for your unborn child.

The magic of your maternity session doesn’t end when the camera stops clicking. It continues, evolving into a gallery of memories that you can cherish forever. The day after our photoshoot, I will send you a link to your unedited gallery, a raw and beautiful collection of moments captured during our session. This gallery isn’t just a set of images; it’s the first glimpse of your story, waiting to be refined and told in its full glory.


As your maternity photographer, I value your input immensely. When the editing is complete, I will share the enhanced images with you for feedback. Your satisfaction is paramount, and I want to ensure that every edited photograph reflects the beauty and emotion of your maternity experience. Once you are delighted with the final look of your photos, I will proceed to the next exciting step – turning these digital memories into tangible keepsakes.

For those who cherish physical prints, I offer the option to create a personal gallery of prints. These are not just photographs; they are pieces of art, destined to adorn the walls of your home, turning every glance at them into a journey back to these precious moments. Each print is a testament to this special time in your life, a time of anticipation, love, and the beautiful transition into motherhood.

Your maternity session- your unique journey

Your maternity session is an intimate narrative of your journey, and this gallery of memories is your story, beautifully captured and preserved. From the first click of the camera to the final print in your hands, each step is a celebration of your unique journey, a tribute to the incredible chapter you are embarking upon in the story of your life.