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Pregnancy Photoshoot at Elvaston Castle.
The magic of the open air.

pregnancy photoshoot posing ideas

Magical pregnancy Photo shoot

Pregnancy is a magical time for a woman, so a pregnancy session must be different than any other. I invite you to an outdoor pregnancy photo shoot that will delight you and you will feel that you are unique, beautiful and strong.

A miracle happens!

You have been wondering what it is like to be pregnant, when a new life grows in you, you feel like a miracle every week … Well, because it is a miracle! In a woman’s life pregnancy happens only once or several times, so it is worth doing something to keep these extraordinary moments as a souvenir. But before you decide to take a pregnancy photo shoot, I am going to give you some tips to help you choose a photographer and prepare for the photo shoot.

pregnancy dress for a photoshoot

The magic of the open air

I personally like outdoor sessions the most. Regardless of the season, I can conjure up a fairy-tale scenery and a colourful background appropriate to the circumstances. I do outdoor sessions in the area where I live, but sometimes I invite my clients to more distant places, to Derby parks, to a field of heather or sunflower. It is beautiful everywhere and I can find potential everywhere.

pregnancy outdoor photoshoot posing

My landscapes are processed in a fairy-tale way – what does it mean? I give them a colour, a magical haze, sometimes I change the colour of the sky, or even add setting suns – of course, I perform every operation on the photos to which it fits. I try to make these changes look natural, not kitschy.

But when you prefer the studio ...

If I have to enter the studio, I also try to take original shots. Although, as I have already mentioned, my natural environment for doing pregnancy sessions is outdoor. In the studio, I use several backgrounds for my pregnancy sessions and a window and a peacock chair. Here I focus on pregnancy portraits and silhouette photos emphasising the belly. I also take some photos with your partner and children. In the studio, I use my own dresses, but at the client’s request, I can do a lifestyle session in her own clothes.

best outfit for pregnancy photoshoot

Maternity dresses for pregnancy photoshoot

pregnancy photoshoot red dress
Pregnancy Photoshoot announcement
pregnancy photo of woman in a gown at outdoor photoshoot
best gown for pregnancy photoshoot

If you’re wondering what to wear, don’t worry about that, I have a full wardrobe of maternity gowns for photo shoots. My studio wardrobe includes many dresses for mothers of various cuts, patterns and types of material. All of them fit perfectly on every figure. Of course, I have gowns in sizes larger and smaller, but most are universal.

My Happy Clients!

One of the best photographers I have ever seen!! I was amazed by the images delivered!
romantic photo of a pregnant couple outdoor
Ionut Marian

Perfect makeup for photoshoot

You often ask if there has to be professional makeup, is it enough if you do it yourself at home … I always say yes – it has to be professional! You will never prepare a face yourself like a specialist in this field, and you will never take a photo with your phone like a photographer with professional equipment. So, if you care about beautiful photos, you must fully prepare for the session, and then the effect will definitely be dazzling

pregnant couple with castle view

Thank you for choosing me to capture this amazing time in your life.

magical pregnancy photo of a woman at Elvaston Castle
pregnancy dress perfect for a maternity photoshoot

Backstage from Pregnancy Photoshoot at Elvaston Castle

Video created by talented Ionut Marian

magical pregnancy photo of a woman at Elvaston Castle
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