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“How To Choose the Best Maternity Photographer for you AND HOW TO DEAL WITH TREMA BEFORE your SESSION ?”


Maternity photography in Nottingham: A couple in a tender embrace, awaiting their child.

Many of you don’t like being photographed or seeing yourself in those photos later on.

Remember, however, that it is different to pose for a random person, such as for a husband who does not like it as much as we do, a mother, grandmother or mother-in-law, and something else for a professional maternity photographer. I’m already explaining why. Especially during the pregnancy session.

Every professional photographer needs to know how to deal with stage fright in people who pose for photos.

From my many years of experience, I can see that stage fright affects most of you at the beginning.

Exactly – only at the beginning. After a few minutes in my photo studio, even before I start shooting, you start to relax. You see that you are in good hands, the photographer is also a person to whom one can open up. My studio is not a cold space in style an industrial, but a cosy place where everyone will feel good. Short an interview before a maternity or a newborn, woman or family session, explaining how it will take place, and in the case of toddlers, the promise of a sweet reward at the end helps to loosen up and unwind.

Pregnant woman in a regal maroon gown poses for a maternity photography session in Nottingham.

My Happy Clients!

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Glowing mother-to-be in a sparkling gold maternity gown, captured by Nottingham's leading maternity photographer.
Rhian Miller

If you think that you feel best in the comfort of your home, that’s no problem either. Shell we perform sessions also with you. It is enough if we arrange the details in advance so that I can prepare the appropriate equipment and props for the session.

Sometimes it is easier for you to relax outdoors, in our beautiful castles, in the park, or the forest. We can also organise that easily. You can see for yourself that there are no limits –

just make up your mind! A pregnancy or family session in the forest, park or at the castle.


As I wrote at the beginning, a lot depends on who is in front of the lens. Family members, no matter how much he loves us, he doesn’t need to be skilled at taking good pictures and usually, it is not there, like my husband.  But a professional maternity photographer knows how to focus, in what light you will look best and how to make the appropriate retouching later. A professional photo studio equipped with the appropriate equipment, props, and even a wardrobe, beautiful maternity dresses is also a great help.


How many times have I heard from you: not because I’m too fat, too skinny, I don’t look pregnant, I am non-photogenic. Not true. Each of us has a beauty that a good camera will bring out of us. Ordinary people stand in front of my lens, not models. The fact that you look like this later is another matter. A photo session can work wonders. Not only do you look beautiful in the pictures, but you also prove to yourself that you are like that.

I love it when women come out radiant, stronger and aware of their beauty after the session.

My studio in Eastwood, Nottingham is perfect for such meetings, be it a maternity, family or women's session.