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Amazing Outdoor Family Photoshoot with Bluebells in a mystical Forest hidden in Nottingham

Fine Art Portraits with Bluebells in Nottingham

Outdoor Family Photoshoot in an old Sherwood Forest in Nottingham.

It is a very peaceful and relaxed location for outdoor family Photoshoot as well for children. Located in the quiet part of the bluebells forest in Nottingham.


Planning your perfect bluebell outdoor family Photoshoot in Nottingham

At certain times of the year a little bit of magic happens when nature generously gives me the most beautiful settings for outdoor family photoshoot. Bluebell season is one of these little pockets of magic. Bluebells are always hugely popular so I though I’d put together a guide to planning bluebell outdoor family photoshoot in Nottingham, because there are few things you really must consider before booking. Let me tell you more..

Timing of your session

Bluebells are unpredictable little things. They bloom at different times every year and are at their best for only about 2-3 weeks. Usually the season is between end of April and beginning of May. 

Location of Bluebells Outdoor Family Photoshoot in Nottingham

My favourite location for Bluebells Photoshoot is a small  old Sherwood Forest in Nottingham, but there are some things to consider. The bluebell area is set on a slight slope and the flowers can be damp and slippy. I advise everyone who is coming to wear sensible shoes, boots or wellies. It can also get a bit chilli as we are under the canopy of trees, be sure to bring something warm to wrap up in should you need to.

outdoor Family Session location in Nottingham, perfect place for bluebells photo shoot

Styling your family for Bluebell Photoshoot - What to wear

Clothing choice is very important when during session with the bluebells. Your base colour pallete in all your images is going to be quite an acidic green and a very vibrant purple/ blue. Ideally  your clothing needs to fit with this colour scheme and I tend to use neutral tones such as cream, grey, light pink etc. 

Bluebells Outdoor Family Photoshoot in Nottingham

Outdoor Family Photoshoot usually last about one to one and a half hours. 

You can find out much more about my packages by clicking here.

child sitting on a tree trunk in a middle of bluebell wood in Nottingham Forest wearing native indian headpiece during family and children photography
Bluebell photoshoot portrait of a woman wearing a blue prom dress during family photo shoot in Nottingham

Portraits from Bluebells Outdoor Family Photoshoot in an old Sherwood Forest in Nottingham

What to expect

Let’s hang out take some photos and enjoy the process.

First off if you’ve never had professional photos taken before it’s going to be way easier and more fun then you probably expect.

woman in a green dress surround by bluebells flowers in Nottingham wood during Family photo shoot in a bit of fashion style photography

A typical session will start off by spending a few minutes together just hanging out. This gives your little one a chance to get used to me and their surroundings.

outdoor photography
outdoor photoshoot ideas

Once we are ready to take a few photos rather than traditional poses will start off with a few super simple activities. This keeps the focus off of perfect posing and put it onto the connection between you and your little bundle of joy. 

Depending on the type of session we might then move into somewhere more traditional poses and sets or I might just continue documenting you and your little one together in a candid natural way. 

Every family and every child is unique so your session is really totally up to you.

teenage boy in a bluebell woods on a family photography session in Nottingham

Before your session, will do a quick call to chat through what kind of photos you want to capture. And that’s essentially all there is to it pretty simple right.

mum posing in a wood in a red maternity dress surrounder by bluebells flowers, Family session in Bluebells Wood in Nottingham
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