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Capturing Family Moments in the Bluebell Woods

A Guide to Family Bluebells Photography

Discovering the hidden gem: Nottingham's bluebell woods

Hello, and welcome! I am thrilled to share with you my passion for capturing family moments in the natural beauty of the bluebell woods that I found. As a professional family photographer in Nottingham, I have had the pleasure of photographing many families amidst the enchanting bluebell woods, and I can confidently say that there is no better backdrop for family photoshoots than the bluebell flowers.

Why Choose Bluebell Woods for Your Family Photoshoot

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portrait of a boy from family and kids photoshoot in amazing bluebells located in Nottingham

Bluebell woods are a popular location for bluebell family photography for a reason. The beauty of the bluebell flowers and the natural light in the woods make for stunning photos. The peaceful environment also helps families feel comfortable in front of the camera, which allows me to capture candid moments.

Nottingham Family Photoshoot - Family with Dog Among Bluebells during Bluebells Season.

Marta is amazing photographer, very professional! She is always able to capture amazing moments with my family and I can’t recommend her enough. We will be coming back to her for more life moments captured.

Malwina Salamon

When is the Best Time to Photograph Bluebells?

Timing is everything when it comes to bluebell woods photography. The best moment of the year is from late April to early May. This is when the bluebell flowers are in full bloom and creates a sea of blue that is truly breathtaking. It’s important to note that bluebell flowers are a protected species, so we need to avoid stepping on them.

Bluebells family photoshoot in an old Sherwood Forest in Nottingham woman wearing green prom dress and posing in a bluebell wood
Portrait of a boy surrounded by bluebells in Nottingham's enchanting woods during a family and kids photo shoot.
Portrait of a boy from a family and kids photoshoot surrounded by beautiful bluebell flowers in Nottingham's enchanting bluebell woods.
Portrait of a boy with his dog in bluebell woods during a family and kids photo shoot in Nottingham

Finding the Perfect Bluebell Woods Location

Finding the perfect bluebell woods for photography is essential. Look for a location that is easily accessible. A peaceful environment will help your family feel relaxed and comfortable during the photoshoot. As a professional photographer, I can recommend some of the best bluebell woods in Nottingham for your family photoshoot.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Preparing for a Bluebell Holy Communion Photoshoot

Preparing for a bluebell woods photoshoot is easy. Wear comfortable clothing and choose outfits that will complement the bluebell backdrop. It’s also essential to bring any props or accessories that you would like to include in the photoshoot.

The bluebell area is set on a slight slope and the flowers can be damp and slippy. I advise everyone who is coming to wear sensible shoes, boots or wellies. It can also get a bit chilly, be sure to bring something warm to wrap up in should you need to.

What to Expect During Your Bluebell Woods Photoshoot

A bluebell woods photoshoot is a magical experience that your family will treasure forever. During the photoshoot, I will guide you and your family on how to pose naturally in front of the camera to capture candid moments. It’s important to relax and enjoy the experience to capture the best image possible.

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As a professional photographer, I have some tricks to bring out the best in bluebell woods. Timing is everything, and we will schedule your photo shoot at the right time of day to get the best lighting for the perfect image. We will also discuss clothing and styling information to create a cohesive and magical look.

woman in a green dress surround by bluebells flowers in Nottingham wood during Family photo shoot in a bit of fashion style photography

A typical session will start off by spending a few minutes together just hanging out. This gives your little one a chance to get used to me and their surroundings.

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After the shoot, I will prepare an unedited gallery with the images for you to select the best ones which capture the connection of your family. The edited gallery will be ready to download in up to two weeks. I offer a range of products and packages to suit your individual needs, including prints, digital images, and albums.

outdoor Family Session location in Nottingham, perfect place for bluebells photo shoot

Witness the magic of bluebell woods season through my lens

A bluebell woods photoshoot is a truly magical experience that can create timeless memories for you and your family. With my expert knowledge, I can help you capture the wonder and beauty of these fleeting flowers in a way that you can treasure forever. 


Book your bluebell woods photoshoot with me today and let me take you on an adventure in the heart of Nottingham’s stunning bluebell woods.

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