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So You decided to invest in yourself and your Professional Business images.

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A Professional Business Photoshoot will provide you with a number of shots

You decided to invest in yourself and your image. Excellent! The more that a good Professional Business photo is an extremely important element in building your personal brand (on the Internet and beyond). A Professional Business Photoshoot will provide you with a number of shots that will be useful both in social media (such as: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.), as well as on your blog and company website.

Your business image on the Internet has a large impact on the assessment of customers and principals.

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When it comes to responsibilities, it is worth taking time for a photo session and investing in good, professional portrait and lifestyle photos that will be natural and show the best version of you and your business.

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How important a role in building a professional image is

I think that no one who came to this page needs to be explained how important a role in building a professional image is the visual part that is often responsible for the first impression. People buy with their eyes. Importantly, they buy not only your product or service, but also you - your attitude, personality, credibility, and customer approach. Your photo on social and industry websites, as well as in your CV, is often the first contact of the evaluator (client, employer, employee) with you. It's good if the portrait harmonises with your nature, emphasises what is important and what will help you establish a positive relationship with another person.


It is worth discussing the desired photo effect before taking pictures. Do you want to perform a session in a classic way, or the industry in which you work allows for a bit more freedom.

We determine the nature of the photos, background colors and the method of shooting.

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A standard Professional Business Photoshoot takes about 2 hours.

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Very often the people I photograph feel a bit anxious before the session, because they are not professional models and it is a new, slightly stressful situation for them … 

My experience and the relaxed atmosphere during the photos make the photographed people feel comfortable after a while and all the stress passes. 

I am here to make your photos as good as possible, so I suggest how to pose, but I will also gladly accept your suggestions.

How to dress for a Professional Business Photoshoot?

Before you start reviewing your wardrobe and choosing styling, think about how you want to be perceived.

Not every job position requires a suit and tie. If you want your business portrait to close the distance, don’t create it with clothes. If, on the other hand, you feel that formal attire is an unwritten requirement of your position, take it to the session. However, it is worth being aware that even a manager or a supervisory board member should sometimes show a human face. It’s best to bring a few styles to the session. I will advise you on the spot which is the best to use. Try to choose clothes of uniform colours, not distracting from you.


Within two working days after the session, you will receive unedited photos from the session, straight from the camera. From among them, you choose the ones you want to have. The sooner you choose, the sooner you will get the photos. As a standard, I deliver the edited photos within two weeks of placing the order.

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Is professional make-up mandatory?

For professional business photoshoot, makeup is highly recommended. Business portraits focus on the face, so make sure it looks as good as possible. Make-up for a business session is not supposed to change your facial features, but only to hide imperfections and emphasise your individual beauty.

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