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Nottingham Equine Portrait Photography

The beautiful girl in these photos came to me for her 18th birthday Nottingham Equine Portrait Photography. I met Martyna when she was a little girl and I remembered that she is a huge lover of horse riding and would like sessions with a horse. We knew something wonderful would come out of it.

Story behind these pictures

Homer, because that is the name of this beautiful horse, is a type that cannot stand a moment in one place. There was a lot of laughter as Homer was still eating the grass and posing for the pictures with his mouth full. Nevertheless, we managed to make a session. See for yourself what it is! We have several styles here. Which in your opinion was the best? I am super happy with these photos. I wish her 100 years of happiness and as much success as possible.

Your Dream Photoshoot- Nottingham Equine Portrait Photography

Do you dream of immortalising your amazing bond with the wonderful animal that is the Horse?

Do you dream about beautiful and unique photos?

Would you like to have a lovely memento with your horse friend?

Are you looking for an idea for a unique gift?

If yes, you are in a great place!

Let me create unique photographic images for you, in which I will capture your and your horse’s beauty and the amazing bond that connects humans and these wonderful animals.

Let me also make you feel beautiful, special and self-confident.

I promise you that you will have a great time, and the time spent on the session will be a wonderful memory.

I guarantee a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you will forget that you are in a professional session and you will feel like you are on a trip with your friend.

Posing during equine photography

Don’t worry about the poses! I will help you in everything so that you feel at ease and look great in the pictures.

And remember, there are no non-photogenic people! Everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves beautiful photographs, and I can capture this beauty.


During the consultation before the session, we will together focus on your dream style of photography, so as to meet all your expectations. Of course, there is no need to get on the horse – if you are afraid, don’t worry, I can take equally nice photos of the model posing from the ground 😉

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