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How to create a gallery wall - All you need to know- GUIDE

Table of Contents:

The choice of the wall and the size of the gallery

Not only in the living room

Well-thought-out display

Optical tricks

Photo frames




How to choose photos, what to consider?

Color, sepia or maybe black and white?

Family stories

Vacation pics

Graphic mix

Home gallery layout

Simple composition

Symmetrical layout

Open concept

How to mount photos on the wall – step by step

Layout visualisation

Mounting tape – how to stick photos

Other, interesting ideas for a home gallery

Collage without frames

Gallery on a string

Pictures on the shelf

Magnetic exposure

Private photo gallery, a great way to create an empty wall

A  gallery wall is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in the interior. Commemorative photos and favourite graphics displayed on the walls warm the room, add coziness and bring back pleasant memories. How to hang photos so as not to damage the surface and create an aesthetic decoration?

A home gallery wall is a great way to create a unique atmosphere in the interior.

There are many ways to personalise your home, but photos seem to be the most interesting form. Among the photos stored on a computer disc, there are certainly many that you like to return to or would like to literally keep an eye on.

Composing a home gallery wall is a very pleasant process that does not take much time, but it is important to plan it properly. If you thought that it was enough to nail a few nails and then randomly place a few photo frames on the wall – you are wrong. This way, you can try to renovate faster, spend unnecessarily money on frames you won’t use later, and destroy some family mementos.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about a concept that you will then implement step by step. Thanks to this, you will solve the problem of empty walls at home, you will have a nice time arranging the composition, improve your mood by choosing photos for the gallery, and also create a stylish and original decoration.

The choice of the wall and the size of the gallery

In the past, photographs were printed in one format and closed in albums. Currently gathered in folders, they take up huge amounts of computer memory, there are so many of them that you will probably never go through them more than once. In order to save the most interesting ones from oblivion, it is worth considering the appropriate exposure of the photograph.

First of all, consider in what room they will hang – a bedroom, a kitchen, or maybe a bathroom? Will the gallery take up the entire wall? Or maybe just a part? Will all pictures be the same size? Maybe in different sizes?

Not only in the living room

Who said there is a place for a  gallery wall in the living room? Of course, this is where home and social life is concentrated, and thus the statistics of viewers of the exhibition will be the highest. However, there will certainly be a wall in the other rooms of your home that is worth arranging.

image of bathroom gallery wall

An equally popular room as a living room for a home gallery wall is a bedroom. You can put some more private photos there, as this is a vacation spot that is used by a limited number of people. A great idea for a photo gallery wall is a bathroom. If you want it to seem cosier, choose a few photos in frames and hang it there. Remember not to place them over the bathtub or in close proximity to the washbasin. Photographs may be damaged as a result of moisture.

The kitchen is also a good location for a home gallery. You can put your favourite frames on the refrigerator. This is a great patent, because from time to time you can easily replace photos attached with magnets. Thanks to this, you will not get bored, and you will surprise your guests with a regular metamorphosis.

Pictures appearing in the hall are a nice touch. If you have a piece of free wall in this room, go ahead and arrange the gallery. By properly selecting the size of the frames, you can optically reduce or enlarge the space.

Well-thought-out display

When planning your home gallery wall, take into account the wall you will be decorating. Is it too thin and what is its top layer? As standard, built of brick, drywall, they can easily support even a large number of photo frames. If you want to decorate delicate, thin partitions – give up framed photos.

Ideally, the background of the gallery should be a uniform colour. It doesn’t have to be classic like white or grey. Expressive colours such as navy blue or green and strong black look interesting. Then you gain more options in choosing the shape and colour of the frames. Rather, give up additional textures or patterns on the wall. If the composition is too patterned, eclectic – the gallery will get lost, you will lose the effect. Ideally, the background of the gallery should be a uniform colour.

Ideally, the background of the gallery should be a uniform colour. It doesn’t have to be classic like white or grey. Expressive colours such as navy blue or green and strong black look interesting. Then you gain more options in choosing the shape and colour of the frames. Rather, give up additional textures or patterns on the wall. If the composition is too patterned, eclectic – the gallery will get lost, you will lose the effect. Ideally, the background of the gallery should be a uniform colour.

Also pay attention to how the wall on which the photos will hang is illuminated. In case of strong sunlight, remember to print photos on high-quality paper. Otherwise they will fade quickly, the image will not be visible, and over time the gallery will become unsightly. In rooms without windows, such as a hall or bathroom, it is worth considering additional lighting. Thanks to this, the gallery will clearly stand out from the other walls, and you will also gain additional atmospheric light. Great effect, especially in the evening.

How to create a gallery wall - Optical tricks

When arranging your home gallery wall, you can freely manipulate the space. Several proven methods will allow you to enlarge or reduce the room. If the room is narrow and tall, hang the frames from the ceiling to the floor. Let them be large formats, from A4 upwards. Moreover, choose photos that show depth. A bridge stretched over two banks or a tunnel. Also place interesting framed mirrors between the frames. The effect of more space made of brick. When arranging your home gallery, you can freely manipulate the space.

If you are looking for a classic, elegant living room, choose a black and white gallery. Frames in these colours, plus cream passe-partout. A great concept, especially for lovers of glamor style. A timeless solution, always up-to-date, so you don’t have to worry that the wall in your room will be out of fashion in a few seasons.

What is… passe-partout?

It is a binding for engravings, photographs, graphics, etc. in the form of cardboard or cardboard with a cut in the middle, which can take various shapes. Ovals and rectangles are popular types.

Wall Gallery- Photo frames

Photo frames are the key element of the home gallery. Their size, shape, colour and texture will create an atmosphere. Of course, the layout is also important, but the luminaire does its job. Concentrate on the result you want to achieve. Take into account the room in which the photos will hang – a representative living room or a modern bathroom, or maybe a room for a child?

It is also important what photos you put inside. Will they be family members or maybe holiday pictures?

Photo frames themselves can be a decoration. Classic, wooden ones will look great as an element of urban jungle or vintage style. Shimmering, with many ornaments, silver or gold, are the hallmarks of any glamor type interior. Below are some ideas for photo frames.


When planning your home gallery, take into account the dimensions of the room and the wall on which the photos will hang. If it is a large, open space, you can boldly arrange the entire surface, from floor to ceiling. It is worthwhile to diversify the luminaries. The combination of small, 13 × 18 cm photos adapted to large ones, such as 30 × 40 cm, and even 70 × 100 cm, will look great.

When arranging only a piece of the wall, put on frames of one size. Square ones look great when hung symmetrically. 16 × 16 cm or more will bring a sense of order. It is easier to focus on the content, which is the key elements in the gallery – the photos.

When planning your home gallery, take into account the dimensions of the room and the wall on which the photos will hang. 


Single-colour frames are a way to make your photos stand out. The uniform colour of the binding means that you look directly at the photos. The classics of the genre are black, white and wood. Consider the background. The contrast of the black frame and the dark wall will look particularly good in large rooms. A white frame and a bright wall are a way to create a home gallery in a small room, because it blends in with the whole and does not overwhelm.

Playing with colours is a solution not only for children’s rooms. Red, pink, blue frames are perfect for monochrome rooms. Strong accessories in the form of a home gallery will add character to the entire arrangement. Moreover, if you combine several colours, the gallery will not be boring, it will catch the eye.

An interesting idea is to combine classic with modernity. If you hang standard, black frames next to gold or silver ones and add a few coloured ones, the effect will be amazing.


When starting a home gallery, do not be afraid to combine different sizes, colours and shapes. The more skill-fully combined textures, the more impressive the effect will be. Photo frames are produced in many shapes and formats, it is a pity not to take advantage of it.

If you want to diversify the composition, mix rectangular and oval frames. Additionally, glue the shells or small pebbles found on the seashore to the frames. The original pattern will make the gallery one of a kind.

The photos on the wall can also be combined with mini-cabinets in which you can put small souvenirs. This solution allows you to change the exposure from time to time, so you will certainly not get bored quickly.

How to choose photos for wall gallery, what to consider?

You can start building your home gallery by choosing frames, but you can also choose photos. Often their subject matter determines the type of setting and the place where they will look best. It is only up to you what photos will become the interior decoration.

 If you have a hobby, you like skiing or you are passionate about nature – show it, show it off. Photos from vacation trips or weekend trips will look great on the wall.

There are no restrictions as to the subject of the displayed photos. It is only up to you whether the frames will include childhood photos or beach views. Take into account the nature of the room. Instagram photos of meals will be a great addition to a kitchen arrangement, while mountain landscapes should be placed in the living room.

Color, sepia or maybe black and white?

In addition to choosing the format, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. Standard colour photos look great both in a black and white gallery, as well as in coloured frames. If you want to create a sentimental, family exhibition, choose photos in sepia. They look great, they emphasise emotions captured in the lens.

Classic, monochrome photos look great, especially in large formats. By adding minimalist, almost invisible frames to them, you will draw the attention of viewers mainly to what is in the photo. Family stories

Photos with family members should always be displayed. A photo family tree above the dining room table will be a stylish and original decoration. Funny photos from childhood will relax the atmosphere in the living room and improve your mood after a hard and stressful day at work.

When choosing photos for your home gallery, try to create a story. Choose a common theme, an element that will connect individual images together. They can be either for outings on friends or photos of your offspring from childhood to the present. Such graphic stories will add coziness to the interior.

Wall gallery- Vacation pics

Travel photos are a great idea for a home gallery. The views enclosed in frames look great in any interior, no matter if you hang them in the bathroom, bedroom or living room.

Travel photos are a great idea for a home gallery.

However, it is worth remembering about some kind of variety. Do not print ten copies of the same sunset. Let one be from the beach, the other from the mountains, and the third from the woods. Certainly, in private collections, collected over many years, there will be many different shots.

Graphic mix

When planning a home gallery, remember that you set the rules for how it should look like. I can suggest, inspire, but the final choice is yours. First of all, the whole thing should express your character and taste.

The exhibition can combine photographs printed in both colour and monochrome. Nothing prevents them from differing in format and subject matter. If you have favourite graphics and posters, don’t hesitate to include them in the whole. The more varied the gallery, the more interesting it is.

Home wall gallery layout

Photos selected, frames purchased, then the next step will be to create an appropriate layout for your home gallery. When you start your adventure with decorating walls, avoid hammering nails into it. In this way, you will destroy the surface, and accidentally hung photos will not look as they should.

Learn about a few simple, proven ways to arrange your home gallery. They will be useful especially if you plan to display more than a few photos. Pay attention to the distances between individual frames, their shape and the size of the surface at your disposal. Simple composition

A classic layout that assumes that the frames hang on one axis. Vertically or horizontally, it is important to draw an invisible line connecting them. Make sure they are approximately in line of sight of the household, i.e. about 150 – 160 cm above the floor. Of course, if the gallery is located in a children’s room, make sure to hang them a little lower.

Hanging the frames vertically will make the room appear higher. The horizontal layout is a way to create a classic arrangement that adds elegance to the interior. If you use frames of the same colour and shape, you will pay attention to their content first.

Symmetrical layout

Symmetry helps to organise your home gallery. It sets fixed points that facilitate the next steps. The whole concept then seems to be coherent, even if it is built of frames of different shapes and colours.

One of the most popular symmetrical concepts is to place the largest bezel in the center and then hang more frames around a slightly smaller one. You can also draw an invisible line on the wall, then select frames in pairs based on the mirror image principle. Another idea is to create an invisible frame in which you hang the photos at equal distances from each other.

Open concept

The open layout of the home gallery offers the greatest arrangement possibilities. First of all, it allows you to add more graphics to the whole. In addition, it involves mixing patterns and textures, which makes it seem dynamic, not boring. By playing with colours and size, you can intentionally display more selected photos than the rest.

This layout works great for large walls. If you are not afraid to combine elements of different colours and textures, it is worth using it. Its great advantage is its versatility. Even if you decide to replace furniture or change the colour of the walls – the open concept will look great. 

How to mount photos on the wall - step by step

The most important thing is to create the right plan. You are standing in front of a selected wall, you have already framed selected photographs, it’s high time to hang them. How to do it to make your home gallery delight both household members and guests? A few simple steps will allow you to easily and quickly arrange the interior. How to do it to make your home gallery delight both household members and guests?

Layout visualisation

To begin with, arrange the gallery on the floor or on the bed. Arrange the frames as you would like them to hang on the wall. If you find a concept that suits you, take a picture. Thanks to this, you will get a pattern according to which you can easily reproduce the layout on the wall.

Another way to visualise your home gallery is to transfer it to a large sheet of grey paper. Place photo frames on it and draw their shape. Take them off, then stick the paper to the wall with painter’s tape. Make holes for the fasteners in the designated places. Finally, it remains to hang the photos in the designated places.

Mounting tape - how to stick photos to the wall without drilling or hammering nails

The era of drilling and hammering nails into the wall is long over. There are more effective and functional ways to attach photos to the wall. Mounting tape has many advantages. First of all, you do not interfere with the wall, you do not destroy it. In addition, it is easier to remove from the surface, leaving no dirt.

It is enough to unroll the appropriate piece from the roll, stick the frame to the back wall and in a designated place on the wall. Be sure to clean the surface before sticking. The materials are fully bonded after 72 hours. The mounting tape, available in two colours, in widths from 5 to 20 mm, is extremely universal. It will certainly be useful at home, not only for mounting your home gallery on the wall.

Other, interesting ideas for a home wall gallery

There are countless ideas for a home gallery. In addition to traditional solutions, i.e. photos in a frame, you can place photos on the wall in many ways. It often happens that the place is determined by the shape of the exhibition. I have collected some original ideas that I hope will inspire you.

Before you start building a gallery, prepare the right accessories. You will need adhesive tape, string (cotton or jute), decorative wooden clips, LED string, etc. Collage without frames

You can stick the collected photos to the gallery directly to the wall. Use the colourful adhesive tapes available on the market, it will add charm to the whole. The photos can be mounted asymmetrically, create a collage of them. They will look great.

Colourful adhesive tape and photos are a perfect decoration.

Such a loose layout fits perfectly into eclectic interiors. It also looks great in children’s rooms. Certainly, children will be happy to join in the selection and sticking photos to the wall. You can also diversify the gallery with additional elements, such as dry leaves or your favourite pictures.

Gallery on a string

An interesting solution is also hanging photos on a string.

Prepare a cotton rope in a classic, white colour or a jute rope in a warm, golden colour. It can also be a coloured polypropylene rope, it all depends on your preferences and the effect you want to achieve. Place a string in the selected place on the wall by loosening it between the pins or nails. Thanks to the fact that it is flexible, you can easily arrange the selected shape from it. Use clasps to attach photos to the rope. Original home wall gallery ready! 

A glowing gallery made of Christmas lights - why not.

I also recommend LED lamps from which you can create a glowing gallery. Wall mounting looks exactly like the string. Just make sure that there is a contact nearby. This display has an additional function, it can become a bedside lamp over the bed. 

Pictures on the shelf

The so-called floating shelves. Narrow, attached to the wall can accommodate a lot of photo frames in various formats, but not only. Next to the photos, you can put holiday souvenirs, small decorations, etc. Moreover, in such a gallery you can easily change the display whenever you want.

In addition to photos, you can put your toddler’s favourite books on the shelf, they will always be at your fingertips.

Private photo gallery, a great way to fill an empty wall

With little effort and costs, you can create an original, one-of-a-kind decoration in your apartment. Home galleries are a great idea for personalising the interior, giving it character. Pictures always introduce a warm atmosphere and make the interior cosier.

Photo frames available in many shapes and sizes, colours and textures are a decoration in themselves. A home photo gallery requires, above all, an idea and a project. Well thought-out and composed, it will really please the eyes, no one will pass by such an exhibition indifferently. Like in a real gallery.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, combine colours, combine textures. It often turns out that seemingly incompatible elements create an interesting and coherent whole. Just remember to plan your wall decorations step by step, and your private photo gallery will turn out to be an interior hit.

Now just collecting more memories with great people so you can put it next to it.

Ps. Most of the pictures used in this blog post are from Pinterest. I am not an author of them.

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