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Beautiful best friends Photoshoot at Wollaton Hall Park- Capturing joy

You are a tight group of friends, but you don’t have photos together, because it’s hard to get good shots? Best Friends Photoshoot is a great opportunity to change this state of affairs! 

friendship picture taken at Wollaton Hall Park in Nottingham
posing during best friends photo shoot in Nottingham

A professional photographer will advise you on how to pose well in front of the lens and will take care of proper photo processing!

Shooting takes place in the studio or outdoors and is a great opportunity to update your albums with perfect shots! Give yourself to the spirit of photography and have fun during this unique photo session!

Are you looking for an extraordinary gift for friends or acquaintances?

The Photo Session for Friends is a great opportunity to take care of professional photos while having fun! The session takes place all year round and in any weather, so it will easily be a Christmas or birthday gift! A perfect opportunity to make a wonderful gift for your loved ones!

beautiful friendship image
Wollaton Hall Photohoot with friends

Do you have a close friend, with who you share lots of wonderful memories? Time is passing and you are just looking for an idea to document the next year of your friendship?

Let me give you some reasons why you should schedule a photoshoot with your best friends

3 Reasons You Should Schedule Best Friends Photoshoot Right Now

1. Some friends are like family.

Same blood doesn’t ensure someone is going to have the same values as you. Same blood does not ensure someone is going to stick it out with you through thick and thin. Character trumps all. Good friends are like chosen family.

2. Quality time.

As we get older priorities change. One day you find yourself “adulting” and wonder where the time went. In high school we would say, “Come on guys! Let’s go to the portrait studio!”. Why not do that as adults as well? You’ll get quality time, plus it’s fun!

3. Everyone likes a nice professional photo of themselves.

If you’re going to have forever memories around, might as well have them look good!

A photoshoot is an excellent way to commemorate special occasions like a bachelorette party, graduation and birthdays or even do them for fun to celebrate the beauty of friendship.

Plus, there are absolutely no restrictions when it comes to age or number of pax, it’s entirely up to you and your BFFs to decide how you want to celebrate your friendship. Keep it small and intimate with your closest friends…

Best Friends Photoshoot Vs Selfies

 Selfies & wefies might have taken over Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that photoshoots have faded into obsoletion.

Here are three ways photoshoots triumph over selfies & wefies:

1. Clear, Crisp and Glamorous Photos

Let’s be real: while beauty filters and apps might help you get those Insta-worthy selfies, no amount of filters can beat the high-definition of an image taken with a professional camera. If this photo below was taken with a phone front-facing camera, chances are that harsh lighting would wash out the shot:

Plus, photographers use their own suite of professional editing tools that are tiers above beauty apps for editing and retouching.

2. Your Photographer Ensures Everyone Looks On Point

Nothing is more infuriating than snapping a bunch of wefies with your gal pals, only to realise that you blinked when the shot was taken.

I realise how disappointing it can be to look out of place in a group shot. That’s why I am determined to capture all my clients’ best angles so that everyone looks good.

Besties’ portraits are not a beauty contest, that’s why I speak with each participant to find out what poses and angles they prefer. Everyone has their own unique preference and I work with my clients to nail that charming shot.

3. Everyone gets Equal Screen Time

Cramp & tight shots are probably one of the biggest issues with wefies. People might block one another, and some might look sharper in the wefie than others.

During group photoshoots, I ensure everyone looks on point by lining them up such that they are on the same focal plane, so no one looks out-of-place.

Your future memories are the most important thing to me, and I want your session to be a time for you to just be yourselves and enjoy it. Have fun together. Laugh a lot and I’ll take care of the rest!