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Authentic Outdoor Female Portrait Photography- How to prepare!

Female Portrait Photography - TIPS, IDEAS, INSPIRATIONS

Do something for yourself and see your uniqueness in a professional photo session.

The fast pace of life and the constant rush make modern women less and less focused on themselves and their needs. I have seen for a long time that certain patterns of behaviour are imposed in the speeding world, and we try to fit into them. As a result, we are not able to look at ourselves from a different perspective, and this applies to both women and men. How to change it? A significant part of our image is social media. A great way to do something for yourself and see your uniqueness is a professional photo session. One that will give you self-confidence and allow you to discover and bring out the beauty advantages. If you are interested in a women’s photoshoot, read more about it below and you will learn what to expect and how to prepare for a photo shoot.

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A female portrait session is a great souvenir for yourself or your loved ones

A women’s session is not only a unique experience. It is a great souvenir for yourself or your loved ones, and a way of extraordinary promotion on the Internet. Nowadays, sophisticated photos are the main aspect that others pay attention to when visiting our Facebook or Instagram. Photos taken during a professional photo session will attract the attention of readers and even potential business customers and make them stay with us for longer. Photography is increasingly becoming an inseparable element of creating an interesting and consistent profile. A professional photo session is a real treat for every woman. So why not give it a try? 

Marta creates beautiful shots that are a memento for the rest of your life! It is worth making an appointment here for a photo session because in addition to the wonderful frames that you will receive after the session, you can experience a wonderful, photographic adventure <3
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How to prepare for a female portrait photography session?

The key to successful photos during a women’s session is good preparation. However, since this is a completely new experience for many women, they may feel a bit lost. Completely unnecessary! You only need to remember a few details to make a female session a pleasant experience, during which you will feel comfortable and relaxed and relaxed – and most importantly, every photo comes out perfectly. Here are universal rules for each female session, which will translate into great satisfaction with the final result, in the form of perfect photos:

Come to the Female Portrait Photography Session refreshed.

The right dose of rest and healthy sleep are the best natural cosmetics. It is worth having a well-deserved relaxation the day before the session – but without alcohol, as it often has a negative effect on the appearance of the skin. Instead of aggressive peels or other treatments, it is worth taking care of in-depth hydration of the skin. Well-being is extremely important during women’s sessions. Therefore, decide that this day will be different from all others – start it with aromatic coffee and your favourite croissant. Listen to your favourite song and focus on what’s special – after all, you don’t do such a session every day!

A women's portrait session cannot take place on the run if you want a perfect result.

A fast pace is not an ally for successful photos – so you have to put off your nervous rush somewhere far away. Professional women’s sessions cannot be done quickly – they usually last about 2 hours, which is completely natural. It takes time to achieve something beautiful. It is worth remembering this and not planning other activities that will make you look at your watch all the time. Treat this time as an investment – in excellent well-being, an extraordinary souvenir and the desired image. A female session is like a visit to a SPA salon – the moment counts. By indulging in a blissful rest, we want time to stop, and let it be this time as well.

Invest in professional makeup for a female portrait photography shoot.

Make-up for the photo session is definitely different from the usual everyday make-up and is an essential part of the photo session. Professional make-up artists use special cosmetics that prevent the skin from shining and can bring out the natural female beauty and subtly emphasise the beauty advantages. A female photo session is an investment for years. Before such an experience she only happens a few times in her life (unless the woman is a professional model, of course). So photography is a souvenir that you can look at even in 10 or 20 years. So it is not worth treating such expenses as a make-up artist or hairdresser as unnecessary. On the contrary! It is thanks to them that photography will be unique, showing natural beauty – whenever you look at it, it will bring a smile to your face and deep satisfaction. 

What to wear for your female portrait photography?

It’s a good idea to bring two or more styles to your session to suit your concept and space.

A few days before the shoot, you have to play the role of a stylist and play with fashion. This will allow you to choose a few of the best styles. If you are not sure about the completed stylisations, please contact me, I am happy to help and advise you on which styling will be the best. It is also worth remembering about accessories such as shoes, favourite accessories (hats, scarves, glasses) and jewellery. Why is it good to have a few ready-made styles with you? It will allow you to present yourself from different sides – loose, serious or elegant. Also, remember that the stylisations should match the place where the photo session will take place.

How is the cooperation with a photographer going during a female portrait photography session?

Women’s sessions are demanding and their basis is a precise development of an action plan. Therefore, at the very beginning of the cooperation, I want to carefully agree on the concept and purpose of the photos. 

In each session, I do my best to make women feel confident

 I learn what the client would like to display and what the photo should possibly hide. Based on her preferences, we jointly determine what the effect should be – so that it meets all expectations. Such a conversation is always accompanied by a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. I listen carefully to all comments and suggestions and try to dispel doubts and provide professional advice. Many women dream of a professional photo session, but at the same time, they are accompanied by a feeling of insecurity – for example, related to the so-called photogenic or the ability to pose. Such fears are completely unnecessary. In each session, I do my best to make women feel confident – for example, I help them find the right poses. I always focus on naturalness and lightness. 

Experience that women remember with sentiment and a smile on their lips.

During the sessions, I take a lot of photos. My task is to catch the coolest moments during the session, in which my clients look great.

Women’s sessions take place calmly, without rushing and putting pressure on the models. I think that the session should be entertainment for the models and a pleasant experience. That woman will remember with sentiment and a smile on their lips.

Professional photo processing

The last stage of a female session is professional photo processing, which helps to give the shots the preferred atmosphere. Each photo is carefully retouched by me, keeping the natural appearance of the skin – thanks to this, the photos do not look artificial and plastic.

Women's photo session - which one to choose?

A female session can be held in various styles, depending on the purpose of the photos and the preferences of the person interested – there are many possibilities. We can distinguish, among others:

Outdoor female portrait photography session

A women’s outdoor session offers many possibilities – it can take place both in nature and in a bustling city. It is very important to choose the place and time of the day carefully. If you have your favourite spot for beautiful photos, great! However, if you are not yet determined and are looking for inspiration, I will be happy to help you find the right place for unique photos outdoors. One that will harmonise with the atmosphere you want to get. Several different locations can be selected during one session, making each photo different and one of a kind. Beautiful outdoor sessions are organised early in the morning, at noon or at sunset – when the sunlight creates an amazing and magical atmosphere. 

Every season is a good time to do such a session.

Every season is a good time to do such a session. In the case of this type of photo, it is important to match the stylisation to the colours of the surroundings. Light, airy fabrics and frills add lightness and additionally show movement in the photos, which looks very attractive and emphasises feminine charms

A female portrait photography session in the studio or an elegant interior.

Modern, elegant, dignified and classy – such can be portrait sessions in a studio or an elegant interior.

It is a great alternative during bad weather.

The session can be performed in a studio, hotel room, or in your own home. It is important that the place has adequate lighting, is nicely decorated and is quite large – thanks to this, the photo can be taken close up or from a distance.

Before the session, it is worth carefully planning the styling that will suit the surroundings. Exclusive creations and extraordinary accessories are welcome. Such an elegant photo session will remain a beautiful souvenir for life. Image women’s session

Are you a businesswoman and need a portrait photo for your website or social media?

 Do you want to show your best side – emphasise your personality and competencies, and maybe add a hint of feminine charm to it? In that case, the image session for women is something for you.

Photos from a female portrait session can be used to create an image on the Internet. This type of session is great for women in senior positions or enterprising girls growing their businesses. Although many people initially ask themselves whether a professional image session will help them run or develop their business. Over time they find that it is worth making such an investment. We live in the world of pictorial culture – it is through photos that we can show our professionalism to others and warm up the image of the company.

Each image session can be carefully directed to emphasise your strengths and show the recipient what we would like to convey. A female session can take place in a company office, in a studio against a carefully selected background or in any other convenient place.

Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or maybe some other occasion?

A women’s session is an original gift for both you and the woman you love. Do you want to give your mom, sister, significant other or friend something special? A female photo session will make the photographed person feel valued, beautiful and feminine – and every woman deserves it. Such a gift is one of a kind and will be a souvenir to which one returns with sentiment for many years.

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