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“must-have” for every future mother


A pregnancy session is now a “must-have” for every future mother. It is a perfect souvenir for both the mother and the baby that she carries under her heart, but also for the whole family, with whom now or in the future she wants to share this wonderful and happy time. Many women who intend to have a pregnancy session, however, wonder whether to go to the session alone or with a partner. So I decided to dispel these doubts a bit, explaining what such a session looks like, depending on the variant we decide on.

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Our experience with Marta as been fantastic, I came across her page after looking at so many photographers in Nottingham area, until i finally reached her page and I felt in love with her photographies, we organised everything before the big day, I was nervous at first as i never had a photography session in a studio before, but she made me and my partner felt super comfortable. She is so friendly and open she made me feel very relaxed and that made us enjoy the morning with her. I and my partner highly recommend her, the quality of her pictures, the outfits she provides are amazing. We’ll definitely go back once our baby comes.
fatu Dibba Manka

The photos make the image of memories always clearer

This text will probably be helpful, especially when a woman is expecting a baby for the first time and has never participated in such a session before.

I think most of us have never seen pictures of our mother while she was pregnant. There were different times then and pregnancy photography did not exist. It is a pity because many parents would gladly recall these moments, and the photos make the image of memories always clearer. 

Fortunately, this has changed now and we live in a time when taking a photo session during pregnancy is something natural and more and more mothers-to-be realise how wonderful this souvenir is – one and only. What does it actually look like? About it below.


It would seem that the pregnancy session, for obvious reasons, is dedicated only to women, because they have the pleasure (although sometimes with many difficulties) to experience the blessed state and carry another life under their hearts. Meanwhile, the partner also plays a huge part in this, supporting the mother of her child as best she can.

Pregnancy Session

So a pregnancy session can be for the woman herself, and you can take part in it together. Of course, the final choice is yours alone, because the photographer is usually prepared for both variants and sees no obstacles to taking one or two people in it.

The pros and cons of

The Maternity shoot

However, it is worth making a decision in advance and passing it on to the photographer during the recording, because depending on the choice, we will receive specific tips on the preparation and course of the session itself. To make this issue a bit easier, below we present the pros and cons of the session in both variants.

Let’s start with the pluses, as there are definitely more of these. First of all, every child has a mother and father, so it is good for both parents to have a wonderful memento of those beautiful, last moments when the child is still in the womb – after all, it is the fruit of two loving people. Second, a pregnancy session with a partner is for the same price, so why shouldn’t your partner take advantage of this opportunity? 

What’s more, the photographer will certainly take both joint shots and each separately, which will additionally increase the scope of your gallery and allow you to create a beautiful album. Third, most men hide their emotions, and while waiting for a baby is a truly special time for them, they tend to deal with it in a slightly less expressive way than women.

Preserve the emotions of the future dad

The thing about photography, however, is that, through the hands of a skilled photographer, it can capture fleeting moments and preserve the emotions of the future dad.

The right approach and the help of the photographer

The only downside may be that men, just as they are unable to show emotions, also do not feel very comfortable in front of the lens, which makes them appear a bit less natural in photographs than women. The right approach and the help of the photographer usually turn out to be helpful in these situations, and the end result is liked by both parties.

A pregnancy session should preferably take place between the 28th and 35th week of pregnancy.

This is a time when a woman can feel really different, which is why a partner’s support is extremely important here. While the woman herself is attending the session, she is on her own. Of course, the photographer does what he can, but in some moments he has to focus only on his work for the best results. Secondly, the woman realises that all this time in the hardships of her pregnancy she was supported by her partner and that the child has a father who should equally participate in the perpetuation of these unique moments.

After all, it should be a memento of both parents and the future of the child who will be able to see the love of their parents in the photo. A session without a partner may turn out to be mono-thematic and although the photographer usually provides several sceneries or a change of wardrobe, photos with more people always create more opportunities.

As for the advantages of a partnerless pregnancy session, a woman’s strength and independence, beauty, tenderness and sexiness can be shown without any additional element. There is only her and the baby she carries under her heart. It is beautiful that her motherly love is so strongly exposed.

A maternity shoot is the best gift that future parents can give themselves and their children

Pregnancy is an extremely special time – a time of real waiting, and a pregnancy session is the best gift that future parents can give themselves and their children. Although the choice of whether you want to participate in it together depends entirely on you, I heartily encourage you to do so. This is confirmed by numerous advantages, which are definitely more than disadvantages.