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Congratulations on defending your master's thesis and sentence one of the most important exams in life.

creative graduation photos

Graduation Photography- Best wishes!!

Congratulations on defending your master’s thesis and sentence

one of the most important exams in life.

Let the hardships of science result in a well-paid job and a dream career.

I wish you that happiness will not leave you in the rest of your life,

and this successful start today was a harbinger of your next successes both in life

professional and personal.

Graduation Photography and Branding Photoshoot in the same session

This year I am making a slight change in my Branding Photoshoot for graduated Students. I add a little extra time for a cap and gown shot.  This means you have the fun graduation photography portraits and also have a professional Business photos for LinkedIn and your business brand. If you don’t need a business photo session, you can schedule this Photoshoot for just graduation photography pictures. 

creative graduation photos
OMG Marta!!
 I just saw the pictures, they look amazing I love them so much, so hard to choose.

Honestly I’m really really Happy with the pictures. I can’t wait to print them and frame them in my house.
amazing graduation portraits
Bintou Cisse- Simah

Graduation photography as a perfect graduation gift for loved ones!

Preparing and defending a master’s thesis is a huge effort for every student. Bibliography, studies, editing, corrections, tons of books to read and revision before the last exams and defence … Graduation day It is one of the most important days in a student’s life. After many years of struggle, the time has come when you can finally sum up your adventure and officially start your adult life on the labor market.

graduation photography in fine art style

Even if we graduated many years ago, many of us certainly still remember the emotions and joy that accompanied us at the time after graduating. It is worth recalling these feelings again and using them when looking for the perfect gift for loved ones or friends. May the graduation photography gift be the crowning achievement of several years of systematic efforts by the future graduate!

Graduation Photography Gift Voucher

When choosing a gift for a master’s degree, it is worth adjusting it to his character and interests. I suggest a gift that he will not mindlessly put on the shelf – a freshly baked master deserves a gift that will remain in his memory and heart forever!

grad phoography

It is worth capturing photos of important events in our lives.
Plan your creative graduation photography with me!

graduation photography studio portraits in Nottingham
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